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Local NHS wasting money and time, rather than following guidelines from NHS

get rid of all the managers, that are wasting time and money, for example locally they banned ecigs a few years ago, but since the report early last year they have been in meetings for around 15 months to decide if this policy needs changing in line with NHS guidelines

just how much is all this time wastes costing, 1 meeting i vote, maybe a day to so matter over, but no constant meetings and discussions etc etc all costing money, taking possibly taking staff of wards etc to attend and give their views

NHS have approved them, so they should be allowed all over, end of discussion and meetings just do it

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Absolutely I agree a waste of time. They should be running the Hospitals following the guide lines of the NHS Constitution


Get Sir Gerry Robinson on the job.


Throwing money at NHS will not solve these problems.The PCT iworked at had a huge team of Health Promotion Officers.Well meaning ,highly paid graduates telling you to eat your veg,fruit and avoid butter etc! Scope for savings there.


I was on GP Panel over 5 yrs ago when the local HA were looking at saving on those with chronic conditions and had invited meetings with no representation from those with the conditions and the charities restricted by funding [ used as an excuse] .

I attended 2 as I have numerous conditions sent into oblivion, probably relating to disability[ found in research at time of T……. they consider to be disregarded .So had a heart attack.I have seen the doctored by admin, records showing this and still refuse to put right .

These Meetings COPD and DIABETES wanted to give solely swimming lessons and Nurse /technician led direction on questionable probably borderline or rare diagnosis.I said they must never do that unless a Specialist directing an overseeing …...

Did they listen? Last month I was offered this for lympho/ lipoeema[ no provision] probably heart related as not a secondary - administered by Mc Millan Nurses on a remit? What was it the swimming a normal session in pool when have low thyroid and CFS / fibre too & on mobility scooters outside sitting to cook and wash up and shower it could be borderline heart failure/ vascular oedema ?

The other and only Asian patient and I concluded it was because of no hippocratic oath.


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