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misdiagnosed with tendinitis 2 years ago to fine out 13 weeks ago I have actually broken my sesamoid bone in bottom of my foot. This has put my hairdressing training on hold due to being in a static boot and in serious pain.

if A&E xray'd it in the first place it could have been sorted by now.

have to go back to see consultant in 12 weeks to see if i need it operating on not happy .

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But it sounds like it has finally been diagnosed correctly, so you should be seeing some improvement in the future. Sorry that you have had 2 years of pain and problems. I had to have a finger joint rebroken once. Happy to report a full use recovery, although it isn't as pretty as it once was. But it works.


I've been waiting for an MRI scan from when I first visited A&E over 11 months ago. I'm not surprised. Got told "It'll heal over time" and given painkillers.

11 months dude... not healing


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