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Hip pain

I have had gradually worsening hip pain for around six months culminating in mobility issues. I had two bouts of severe lower back pain prior to that which the physiotherapist felt may be radiating from my hip. I have seen my GP and a physiotherapist who haven't come up with a diagnosis. My GP most recently diagnosed bursitis but the physiotherapist has overruled this but isn't sure what is causing the pain. The physiotherapist has now referred me to see a consultant at musculoskeletal but this appointment is 7 weeks away. I have been back to my GP this morning as I couldn't walk without severe pain. The GP assured me that a bit of rest was necessary and that musculoskeletal would examine me thoroughly but gave no real solution in the long term.

I was born with a click hip and had treatment at birth to alleviate this. I was then on traction at age 7 and discharged after that. I haven't had any investigatory work or check ups since then. I had a bout of what was diagnosed as bursitis age around 20 and some on-going aches in my hips (nothing severe). I'm now 38 and finding it difficult to get any resolution to this current situation. I can't walk very far unaided and can't sit for long periods of time. Initially sitting down is incredibly painful as is standing from sitting or laying. Standing generally is painful as is walking.

I appreciate that this may be a long term condition that I need to live with but I would like a diagnosis to be able to start dealing with this. I am well aware that there may be no cure or solution other than pain management but would like to have that conversation and start to understand the pain. I would at least have some indication as to whether movement (walking and exercise) are helping or hindering or whether resting would help.

I have never had a scan throughout this time despite asking my GP outright. I asked my GP today whether there would be a scan done at my musculoskeletal appointment and she said there wouldn't be one done at the appointment but they would arrange for one doing if hey felt it necessary. This worries me that if they feel a scan is necessary it might be another 6 weeks after the appointment which isn't for another 7 weeks to start with. I could be waiting another 3 months for any kind of indication of what is causing the pain.

I am considering whether paying privately would be an option for a quicker route to information but have no idea how to go about this or where to get information.

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Before going private you could try

1. Phoning the consultants secretary and explaining your pain asking for an earlier referral.

2. Use choose and book to get an earlier appointment at another hospital.

If you still need to go private either see your GP for advice on who does your type of work OR again speak the consultants secretary and ask how do you go private with Mr/Dr xxxx.


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Hi JB123,

If nothing else is found, also consider low vitamin D or vitamin D deiciency, apparently 80% + of us are low in D or deficient in D and do not know it.

I had hip pain among other pains and thought I needed new hips as they hurt so much, I did leisurely walks so thought it might be connected.

Doctor examined my hips and said the were OK, later I was found to be D deficient, Doctor gave me 1000iu of D3 and I noticed my hip pain and my others pains eased, but came back within a few days.

A member on Health Unlocked said to check out the

www.vitamindcouncil (Vitamin D Council) for up to date safe doses to take.

I did and took a higher dose vitamin D3 of 5000iu and my hip problem went almost overnight and only comes back with other pains when I forget to take my daily D3.

Just an idea to think about if all else comes to nothing.

Not saying it is, but a good idea to rule out low or deficient D3 bloods.

I certainly had no idea I was D Deficient.

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