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Hey my name is Kirsty I hope you can help me. I'm 17 years old nearly 18. Since I was around 11 I have had excessive sweating by my armpits and it getting worse. I have been to my doctors several times they have gave me,talc, creams, tablets, roll ons, nothing seems to work and my doctor doesn't care. About 1/2 years ago I had enough and went back to see if I could get the injections for free under the NHS because of my age. They turnt me away and told me I have to pay £450 I cant afford this. I wake up everyday struggling, anxiety, paranoia, I smell, I cant wear certain colour tops, I dont want to sit close to people. What could I do ?????? Can I apply to see if they will let me have the injections done? Its not that I want it for free but I cant afford that much especially if it only lasts for 6 months. Thank you :( I've had enough

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Perhaps you need a referral to a dermatologist - GP should be able to arrange.

See nhs.uk/Conditions/Hyperhidr...


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ahh; I feel for you... must be awfull xx



Have you tried dri-clor which is available on prescription from your GP?

I get hyperhidrosis on my palms and that works amazingly.

Hope this helps


I have just found a thing called Sweatblock. It is a sachet, a bit like a wet wipe and you pat it all over the sweating area. It lasts a week and you can shower and it doesn't affect it. I've just used one this week and it has helped. I sweat on my face, head and neck only.I got it on EBay. It's about £15 for eight weeks worth.


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