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The Shipman enquiry and the Government's 'action programme'

At the summing up of the Harold Shipman enquiry, Chairperson Dame Janet Smith accused the General Medical Council of 'behaving as a gentlemen's club and needed to change'. The GMC after all did nothing when worried relatives of Shipman's victims contacted them with their concerns.

Link to Overview of Government's action programme in response to recommendations of the Shipman enquiry:


My experience suggests that the General Medical Council are not interested in complaints from patients concerning GPs.

In fact the GMC completely ignored the many basic errors that three GPs' had made including leaving me extremely ill and unable to work due to repeated misdiagnosis, ignoring blood test results, ignoring diagnosis from private doctor etc etc and said they couldn't help me. This was despite enclosing copies of complaints made to the Practice Manager including my second letter of complaint where the Surgery declined to reply. Why could they not reply? What are they afraid of? What a cop out.

I now find myself unable to trust any GPs with my health.

So ... nothing has changed with the GMC.

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