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Help shape the agenda for the first NHS Citizen Assembly Meeting

On the 18th of September we'll be holding the first NHS Citizen Assembly, where citizens and the NHS England Board will discuss important issues for the NHS.

This will test how citizens can take forward and discuss issues that have the potential to change what NHS England does in the future.

Maybe you would like to see urgent and emergency care on the agenda for the first Assembly meeting, or maybe something else?

You can submit your thoughts and ideas here:


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Regarding Emergency care, I believe the government brought the problems on itself by closing down or restricting smaller A&E dep'ts to minor casualty, and closing evenings and nights.

Everyone knows the major A&E's around cities etc are over whelmed with drunks at weekends.

Nothing was thought through as to the consequences of the closures of these smaller dep'ts.

The bigger one's were supposed to cope with Major Trauma, but now find themsleves treating drunkards and druggies. Binge Drunks need to be informed if they present themselves to A&E through over indulgence they will have to pay for the service or take out medical insurance to cover their own selfishness.

Also too many people present with silly Problems because many have little common sense nowadays.

Perhaps the NHS and the media could get together and produce one of these reality TV shows (we all seem to hate) showing people how to do First Aid, now that would be far better than ''I'm a Celeb etc''. and that getting a cut finger does not mean calling 999 (you know what I mean)

It might just Leave the Major casualty stations to do the major Casualty work required.

I realise this is just generalising but in reality it is what happens.

I think if we the general public do not change our ways. ( We, the People) Which the NHS was introduced for, will be the cause of the destruction of this Public service. Just a thought.


You say finally We the People which the NHS was introduced will cause the destruction of this service the ones who need it , example the old and disabled use the NHS mostly when needed . I see you are in favour of Private health .The Trusts are the ones causing the NHS to fail And we must not forget JEREMY reducing the NHS budget. using the money to give to the Rich in the form of tax relief


I am not in favour of Private health care at all, and never have been. I worked as a Registered Nurse in the NHS until I retired and I can see where much of it is going wrong. We have treated too many foreignors who come over purposely for free treatment. The nhs is owed Millions from these people. There were and are, far too many high salaried executive jobs created by both governments, so you cannot blame one or the other. Most of those are also on expenses, and believe me some of them can spend. If they employed more on ground staff rather than admin, we the patients might get treated quicker.

I am against all this treating of drunkards who binge drink and injure themselves, costing again Millions in money the NHS do not have, and would be better spent elsewhere.

It is just common sense!

Before the reorganisation in the NHS in the 70s we did not have all these tiers of admin actually very few people ran a Hospital. However, most industry has vanished from this country, If successive Governments had not created all these admin jobs, millions would have been out of work permanently, because Private companies would never have absorbed all those people, and many just ended up on the public payroll. Also medicine has progressed, and we all demand more and better service.

I am certainly not in favour of Privatisation, but it is coming, much of the NHS is now in Private hands anyway. Also the American market is bidding for contracts within the NHS, and look at the mess Obama care has caused in the USA.

Never Judge until you know the facts.


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