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Can a hospital stop treatment of a patient who's had a stroke & aneurysm been in a deep coma now opened her eyes & body movement?

My friend was taken off the ventilator last Wednesday the doctor said she would only have a couple of hrs to live as she was in a deep coma. She'd suffered a stroke from the bleed to the brain they said she would not pull through well it's been a week now she's still with us she opened her eyes and there's been some body movements. What's happened now is they have stopped caring for her, she's been moved from the critical ward to a side ward and they say the care they are providing is 'end of life care' only. I understand they will also stop feeding her in due course. The family are wanting to move her from the current hospital in Birmingham to London but that's proving to be difficult. Please can someone advise what can be done to help this patient and her family. There's life in this patient and to see her lie there and being neglected is so heart breaking. Desperate for help with this situation.

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Has your friend had a brain scan and operation to try and stop the bleeding? Do you know what complications are involved as your friend may never be able to do anything like before depending how bad the bleed is or was it is a long hard struggle recovering from this.

What do the family want?

Do you know what your friend wants?


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