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Happened to watch this programme this evening.

About NHS failure to adequately support young people deal with mental health problems. Although it depicted major institutional failure it also illustrated how young people were increasingly turning to support groups and very often creating their own support groups to help others cope with such issues as eating disorders, anxiety attacks and depression. The programme delivered a message of hope that patient groups can help where the NHS is failing but also highlight these areas of failure to the politicians and help drive improvements.

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  • You have to wonder whether the friends and family test results the UK Govt are publishing today are sensitive enough to pick up actionable information on complex areas like mental health.

  • I saw it too. A great example of people in adverse circumstances taking control of things when the system fails them. But very sad to see the kind of treatment in A+E of someone who was so close to taking their own life.

  • Agree entirely but the reality is that the funding for mental health is unlikely to improve anytime soon and the training reforms that the Health Minister referred to in his interview on the programme made it clear the behavioural response will take years to fully implement. Self help from patient organisations is the most likely (partial) solution in the near term.

  • Agree and it would be great if the support for many of the organisations hadn't been withdrawn. The big society seems to be fighting hard to thrive - 1 in 6 charities will close this year.

  • What do you think is the best way of encouraging greater start up activity in this space? I know that the introduction of HealthUnlocked online communities has proven to be a life line for some smaller patient charities by growing membership and engagement with their audience with delivers higher donations and greater political clout.

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