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Increase in White Matter in the Brain


Hi I am new here. I would like some advice please? My father died of Cancer at 72 but did have a stroke in his late fifties, my mother died at 73 and had numerous bleeds on the brain, although she died of something else. My brother has early onset vascular dementia brought on by a stroke at the age of 59, he has had it for three years now. I suffer from dizziness, falls and need to wee all the time. I have had two MRI brain scans in the last 14 months and my neurologist says my white matter has grown in that time and he needs to consult his radiologist, although everything else was ok, but he has gone on holiday for two weeks and will get back to me afterwards. I have long term high blood pressure and cholesterol, could I be heading the same way as my brother as I keep forgetting words when talking. I am 59. Is there any private scan or anything I could get to make sure of my diagnosis as I have been going to the NHS for many years with these problems and cant get an answer? Thank you for your help

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