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Anyone with experience of MAM Anti colic bottles?


I have abit of a dilemma, My daughter suffered with terrible colic when she was a baby until I changed her from the Avent bottles to the Dr Brown anti colic bottles which made a huge improvement to her colic and digestion combined with the cow & Gate comfort formula milk.

This time round I'm abit undecided what to do there are so many anti colic bottles out there now I;m not sure which to go for I would have recommended DR browns to any one. However I am going to be breast feeding and expressing so I wanted something with tits abit more closer to nature like the Tommee Tippee ones but the anti colic bottles with the air tubes are alot more expensive then normal ones (not that im putting a price on my babies health but every penny saving helps) I have also came across the MAM ones which have been recommended on the pampers and cow & gate parenting websites. I like the look of them but abit dubious that they don't have the air tubes in like the DR brown and the Tommee Tippee and just have the ventilation in the base, which Avent also do but I know from experience avent don't work (or didn't for my daughter). Does anyone have an advice / tips from experience or who can tell me how they work.


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Could u not wait and see if they come on special offer? I always used Advent.... . or if anyone wants buy u a gift and ask u what u want ask for them, was going say maybe buy a couple of the other ones but then if ur not happy with them then its a waste of money, I'd say just stick to what u know if u were happy with them before stick with them xx

We have bought the new mothercare innosense range, which have offset treats and have apparentlyreceived very high reviews in research with mum's in reducing collic. We saw them demonstrated and the science/theory behind their design all seemed to make sense, and they are on offer at the moment. Obviously you'll have the experience to look at them at I'm a first timer! If you're not already joined the mothercare baby club they do a discount voucher off feeding. Good luck! Cx

I was recommended dr browns by my midwife and my sister who just had her little boy, who had such bad colic.

Go with experience in my personal opinion, no point fixing something that ain't broke!

One thing the midwife said to me is to exclusively breast feed for at least a few weeks, so then you could assess how baby is then.

So many brands so many choices:)

Thanks, The only problem I found with the DR browns is the teats are huge and I found with my daughter she wouldnt feed from the bottle using these teats whilst I was still breast feeding so I had to bottle feed all the time from then on, Which is why I was looking for an alternative with the same anti colic effect.

Not to worry I will have a look around i;m sure I will find something just as suitable.

Looks like it might be tommee tippee anti colic after all. Not risking colic again if I can help it i paced the floor 8 hours a day with my little one until the colic settled. Not to mentioned she has so much trapped wind she stopped breathing and was rushed into hospital by ambulance at 9weeks. Could have had a lot to do with her being 6 weeks prem but dont want to take that chance again.

Thanks for the advice.


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