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Bloody emotions and hormones!

This morning isn't the first instance iv had of the following but this morning I woke up and got ready for work and every last little thing was irritating me! The cat crying, my partner not listening to me, the volume of the TV and suddenly I started crying and when my partner asked what was wrong I said I really don't know, it makes me laugh now because I realise how silly it must look to other people but I will suddenly have a breakdown for absolutely no reason !! I knew hormones could do weird stuff but this is unreal haha!

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I had this, when I felt soo sick and I cudnt eat dinner I just cried and yesterday when I had a headache I burst into tears, even the cat looked at me funny and ran upstairs. I don't think anyone else will understand how u feel, but yeh even the smallest of things that sometimes wouldn't bother me do, it doesn't happen as much but I know where ur coming from. x


You are not alone! Hormones do the strangest things - I have had several bouts of crying for no reason, particularly in the first trimester. When I was about 6 weeks I walked in to h&m and the sales girl who was welcoming customers in to the store told me she liked my jacket and I burst in to tears and promptly walked straight back out - she must've thought I was absolutely insane!

When you're feeling balanced just explain to your partner that he'll need to cut you some emotional slack during any outbursts - it must be difficult to understand from the outside, my poor man has had all sorts of unnecessary abuse hurled at him!

Take care :-)

Ps. Prepare yourself for crazy hormones after delivery too. I didn't get the 3-day post delivery 'baby blues' like many mums do but it hit me around 8 months leading to more tears for no reason!


OMG! i could only imagine the lady in H&m that day. its funny how something as small as that can set off. Only last night i was watching something on T.V (documentry / film) & started crying.



Lol reminded me of an incident when I was pregnant with my first and worked in a call centre, I was on a call giving the customer all the info he wanted but half way thru started crying, but I still continued the call and he just listened like there was nothing wrong bless him he must of thought I was crackers! !sobbing telling him if he took something for the weekend rather than just a Fri and sat he would save money lol


You're definetely not alone in this one. Im still considered to be in the early stages of my 2nd pregnancy & some days i'll be fine & then maybe the next day (or sometimes a few hours on the same day) i'll be my own worse nightmare.

I personally just listen to my body as much as i can. I do believe it will pass & life will feel like a breeze again.



I'm glad I'm not the only one I feel like such an idiot haha! Absolutely anything sets me off! Feel silly but glad I'm not alone :)


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