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Weird Feelings

Hi everyone,

Am looking for your help. Hubby and I have been trying for a baby for the last few months so far with no luck. I've got an app on my phone which helps to let me know when am ovaluting and due monthlies.

We had sex majority of the week I was fertile, since then I've been feeling not myself. Stoumach area feels heavier than normal (I have put weight on) and I've been feeling dizzy more and if something wants to push down . Normally each month I don't tend to feel anything.

Just wondering has anyone else felt like this? Is this normal?

Thanks in advance

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This is a bit of a tough question to give you an answer to really, because ultimately its only you who can definetely feel a difference with your body.

You could possibly wait for a few days & then take a pregnancy test. Because sometimes the early symptoms of pregnancy & signs of a menstrual cycle are very simular.

You did mention you & hubby have been trying for a couple of months so maybe this is it.

Good Luck



It takes 14 days from ovulation to conception :) hence the name two week wait!

I had lower backache, stitches/pulling feeling and the most sore boobs ever

Good luck


Hi, if you are not successful this month it may be worth using Clear Blue Fertility Monitoring Kit which would help you more accurately track your ovulation over several months. I have a short cycle so unlike many women who ovulate ~ day 14 with a 28 day cycle i can be 23-25 days so ovulate day 9/10. It's a pricy but useful tool and you can get them 2nd hand from eBay. Also frequent intercourse could lesson your chances as the sperm have not had a chance to 'mature' so I believe they say every 2-3 days and remember sperm can live for up to 4 days in your uterus to wait for the egg if they have managed to bypass the labyrinth that is your bodies defence system.

Good luck and hope you are successful soon :) X


I was 6 wk pregnant wen found out wiv my 1st ad no symptons at all up untill I took the test n was pregnant I had heartburn all through my daughter was born wiv a gorgeous head of hair I felt dizzy headaches pains but was neva sick with my 2nd I felt pregnant even b4 my missed perios day b4 I was due for period I took test n I was sure I was pregnant n I was I bought my tests of ebay 3 pound for 2 n they told me I was pregnant home tests r more acurate than dics I ad test at 5 wks at docs n it was negative I was crying so I went shop bought clear blue within 2 mins positive docs can only test frm 6 wk nw my lil boys 5 mnth old do not try so much to get pregnant ot wont happen I was trying so much every time I was due for my period I didnt want to bleed n I was trying hard for 6 mnt I didnt get pregnant I fort f**k it nothing is apening and anyonw will tell u as soon as I stopped trying I got caught streight away she nearly 4 nw n nw I have 2 beautiful kids it will happen wen ready have sex frm the last day ur period up until 14 days after everyday n I gt cought in a mnth by doing that and every pregnancy different I knew I was pregnant streight away wiv my 2nd but when I reached 2 mnt pregnant n then all the way through until I ad him I didnt get any symptons atall which was scary but gd at same time but towards end I gt bk ache n slightly braxton hicks for a wk. Which was worse than labour ha bt I knw I was ready n I ad him 9 days early gud luk xxx


Hi everyone,

Many thanks for responding to my question. I know people have different pregnancies. Will see how things goes this week as I'm due periods at the end of this week. I also forgot to mention within the last week I've been feeling rather tired at night, going to bed earlier than normal and in the morning especially when hubby is away to work I can't get up when I used to get up once the alarm goes off.

Thanks for the good luck. Appreciate your responses.


hey, i didn't know (and wasn't really expecting to find out) i was pregnant till was 6+2 and am now 18+2 and had no symptoms apart from being sick on new yrs eve but i am pretty sure i ate too much but cud of been pregnancy related but everyones body reacted differently, i didn't get any symptoms till i was 8 weeks then they hit me like a bus, but yeh get a test and maybe wait a week and see. xx


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