GTT Test Results

Afternoon all, had a GTT test last week got the results this week and shows higher then should be according to the consultant, 5.1?? unfortunatly although the consultant was lovely she had quite a strong accent and I didnt understand everything she said, i'm booked for diabetic clinic but not till 19/04 - having a read on tinternet was probably a bad idea due to the potential horror storys! have text my Midwife to see if she can calm the nerves and offer advic but 48 hours later an still waiting for a reply!!! So question to all you lovely knowlegdable ladies is, what's safe to eat? and any other advice that will help calm the old nerves - pleeeeease xx

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Skyblueboston would be a good person to talk to she has loads of information :)

Hi thank u xxx

Hiya I have mailed you :)

A blood glucose of 5.1 is completely normal (5.1 and below is nirmal for your 2 hour value) X

I wish they had said that yesterday! becuase they have concerns I now have the diabtic clinic appt, and 3 more scans to check on the growth (which is quite good cos i get to see littleun again :)), and made the whole thing sound quite nasty. Thank u for what you have said it is appreciated xx

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