Quick question: Is it safe to visit farms during lambing season when pregnant?

Might sound daft but I have booked tickets to take my daughter to the farm at the weekend to feed the baby lambs - never thought anything of it, but my boss has just asked (am i ok doing that when pregnant?) Didn't think it would be a problem never heard anything about it before but I'm slightly dubious now. Anyone any idea? x

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  • My mother in law took my nephew to a farm park last weekend and there were signs up at the lambing enclosure advising pregnant ladies not to enter. Sheep have suffered from some sort of infection this year causing lambs to be still born - I have seen it reported on the news and think its been quite widespread. There is some concern that the infection could affect pregnant women - I have absolutely know expertise so don't know if the measures are just precautionary or if there is any evidence to support it though.

    I think it would probably be an idea to call the farm before your visit - I imagine them to be well informed if there is anything to be concerned about.

    Hopefully their farm hasn't been affected or they can put your mind at ease - I hope you don't have to miss out! X

  • Google it, I personally wouldn't as I'm so paranoid about things but u should definitely not go near them it's something the mother sheep carry that can pass on humans that can serially affect the pregnancy maybe call the Farm and see what they say xx

  • I've heard from many people that pregnant people should stay away from sheep during lambing season, not just this year but in general. I've also seen various farms with signs up - I would recommend you stay away to be honest.

  • im pretty sure its the risk of toxoplasmosis !

  • I was with my midwife a couple of days ago and she specifically mentioned staying away from sheep during lambing season

  • Don't go near sheep, they carry a very serious bacteria that causes the foetus to be deformed, my friend owns their own farm, tragically her first pregnancy had to be medically terminated at 20 weeks, the baby got the bacteria and was not properly formed!

  • Oh my god that's awful yeah I think I will give it a miss this year and maybe go next when I have both the children. I ave never heard of anything like that before glad my boss mentioned it otherwise I would be none of the wiser. Thanks you all for your advice. Don't no what I would do without this site never came across it in my first pregnancy would have been so useful. Xx

  • I love this site too x

  • NO dont do it.

  • Check this link out


  • Much appreciated thank you I have just read up can't believe I have never heard anything about it before and was not informed in my first pregnancy I will most certainly be staying away until next year. Thanks again

  • I hadn't heard of that either! Glad I haven't been e walking the dogs in the usual sheep filed fields!

    You're right this sure had kept me sane!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Cxx

  • No!!!!!!!!

  • It's not a good idea for the same reason you don't want to be cleaning cat litter trays out-in case you come in to contact with the parasite toxoplasmosis which can cause birth defects such as blindness. Best to stay away!

  • Our local farm has signs up advising that pregnant women and newborns don't come into contact with the ewe's or lambs and wash their hands thou roughly with the anti-bac soap provided immediately on leaving the area. To be extra safe I just send my hubby or my mum in with my toddler and stay out.

  • It is risky but to be honest i'd be more concerned about cows than sheep as they generally get aggressive towards pregnant women. I have been to farms with my son whilst pregnant but that's because my view is that as long as basic hygiene (antibac soaps etc) is observed then the risk is no worse than getting some other illness when your out and about doing basic things. For every bit of research saying one thing there is another disproving it which doesn't help anyone! Personally if my son was really excited about going and then I said we couldn't go because it might hurt baby it would a) stress me out more and b) would potentially affect the response to baby arriving. But if someone else can take your daughter to reassure you or if its going to stress you out more if you go then don't do it! so the bottom line is its up to you!

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