Are these pains normal?

I'm 10 weeks with my second and feel very uncomfortable already, I get sharp pains in my stomach when I move, sometimes it takes my breath away! I had a section for my first and don't know if this could be making it worse. I don't remember these pains so early on first time round. I mentioned it to my midwife at my booking appointment who said it was normal but they are getting more painful and frequent and I am struggling to be comfortable at night. Does anyone else have any similar pains so early on?

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  • I had pains like my womb going into spasm when I coughed or sneezed a few long ago was ur section, I've had a section but it was 8 years till I had my next pregnancy..could be stretching..but the fact they are more frequent and painful sounds like u need to be looked over give the community midwives a call and see what they say, no harm in double checking xx

  • Thanks for your response! My section was 3 years ago so it's been quite a while, perhaps it's more of a second pregnancy thing than anything to do with a section. I might just give my midwife a call to put my mind at rest! Xx

  • Im also in the same situation as im im about 10wks with my 2nd child & i do experience some unusual sharp pains in my stomach "usually at night"

    The thing is i just hate to worry myself unessesarly because in medical terms i sometimes think its normal sinse this is my 2nd child which can just probably mean your muscles around our womb is feeling every little stretch & turn alot early than the 1st child.

    I do agree with u at times i also do find myself worrying but i also believe i wont do myself any good by dwelling upon it too much.

    P.S have you had your 1st scan yet. Ive got a feeling im waiting longer due to this being my 2nd pregnancy.


  • Thanks ever so much, it's nice to know its not just me! :-) it seems pretty normal but it is hard not to worry isn't it!

    I've got my first scan in a couple of weeks when I will be 12 weeks 5 days going by my dates, but I guess this will decrease slightly when I have the scan. This was about the same time as I had my first. I was told I would have less antenatal appointments this time but don't think anything else will be different...that I know of anyway!! :-) I hope u get a date for your scan soon xx

  • Hiya, I'm pregnant with my second and had the same very sharp pains when I 'strained' myself ie. coughing, standing up or lifting my son. I didn't have a section first time round so that would suggest it isn't linked. I was also concerned as they started to get frequent but my midwife said that it is just down to the uterus stretching and putting pressure on your ligaments which can be more pronounced or noticeable earlier in second (or third or fourth,) pregnancies. Im 14 weeks now and experience them less often now. She told me to get in contact if the pain was constant and increasing in intensity but obviously if you feel something is wrong go to your gp or midwife, remember they're there to help you.

    I don't know about you but I was expecting to find pregnancy less worrying this time as I've experienced it all before but the opposite is true! I'm constantly comparing symptoms and things to my first pregnancy and reasoning "welll I didn't feel like this last time, something must be wrong!"

    Take care x

  • Hi, I know exactly how you feel about what u said about comparing all the symptoms from my 1st pregnancy to this one. & i also have a son who is aged 4 yrs "so i refuse to pick him up"

    there is times when i feel like OMG i felt something wrong but then i just try to remind myself that my body is different now & i should just relax

    P.S have you had your 1st scan yet, as i cant help thinking that the NHS let 2nd time mothers wait a Lil longer.


  • My little boy is only 2 so still needs to be picked up occasionally, although he weighs a ton so I do try to avoid it! He's at nursery on a Thursday so I'm forcing myself to sit down for a while today, I've really shocked myself with how differently I feel this time round - perhaps becoming a mother has just made me more neurotic ;-)

    I had my scan at 11+6 so wasn't kept waiting at all. In my area, second time mums who had healthy first pregnancies do have slightly less antenatal appointments but I suppose that makes sense. Have you been given your appt yet? You should find the number for the ultrasound dept at your hospital (should be online, or in your notes) and call them - I remember my 20 week appt got lost in the post last time so I rang them and they sorted it straight out x

  • Thanks for your reply

    yes i've been given a date for my 1st scan of this pregnancy but i just had a strange feeling of them delaying it. I could be true about mothers who had no complications in 1st pregnancy do wait a Lil' longer because i remember having a brief conversation with the local midwife at G.P.

    Anyway not to worry the sooner i stop thinking about it the quicker it will come around.

    All the best


  • It's nice to know its not necessarily related to having a section last time, it's quite worrying to think it might be as you don't know how much damage it's done to your insides! :-)

    I also totally agree, I do feel a lot more worried this time than last and am constantly comparing, I also feel conscious that people assume u can cope better when it's not your first which is really hard! My daughters 3 and has been poorly for a few weeks so constantly wants picking up which is putting a strain on my stomach. It's definitely hard work being pregnant when you've got a toddler to contend with too!! Xx

  • Good questions and answers on this topic, thank you.

    My son's 3 i had emergency section with him! My stomach aches all the time and sharp stabbing pain when cough or sneeze, docs / midwife just say ligaments and growing!

    I'm 20 weeks with my 2nd, going 4 scan tomorro : ) pink or blue team?

    I Had my 1st scan at 11wks 5 days although I dated my self at 12/ 13 wks going off lmp.

  • Also I'm sure if u had previous section ur classed as high risk pregnancy so have more at least same amount of appointments ! I know I have a consultant and I didn't 1st time. I got a home doppler for reassurance and got hb from 10 wks everytime iv tried : )

  • My midwife seemed to suggest I would have less appointments unless they discovered a problem this time round but I would feel a lot happier if they kept a closer eye on me...think I will ask again at my next appointment!

    I hope your scan has gone / is going well!!

  • i think as long as u had a strait forward 1st pregnancy with labour and delivery u get 2 less midwife appintmets 2nd time round , but as a previous c section ur automatically classed as high risk ! ( thats what my midwife told me ) i have a consultant that i didnt have 1st time round , that i saw today and have to go back at 36 weeks to c them again also i have to go at 26 weeks for gestational diabetes test as im over weight at a size 14/16 .

    scan was all good but still dont know pink or blue , we have a shy baby apparently and the tec was a bit get them in - get them out ! so got a private sexing scan tomorro : )

  • Thanks jds123, I will double check with my midwife again at my next appointment, I would have thought I would be high risk as had an emergency section due to placental abruption.

    What a shame you didn't manage to find out the sex but at least you don't have to wait long!

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