feeling like the size of a house

at 28 weeks... 12 more to go :) i feel massive.. i was fully prepared to grow as baby does and im delighted everything is going well but Im finding it tough getting in and out bed, getting off the couch (without sliding to the edge and trying to wedge myself up),have mastered the waddle, heartburn when i sit for over 5 mins, struggle to lift my leg up to put my socks on.. and not to mention the obstacles at work.. Im vegetarian and live on fruit and veg (and the odd easter egg:) so im not over eating but i just didnt think i would feel this pregnant at 28 weeks.. who knows how ill feel at 40 weeks :)

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:) The fun of pregnancy! All sounds normal to me! My tummy is like a nut, all firm and hard. I do the slide and wedge too to get off of the sofa. My partner has been putting my shoes on for me for months. Every mention of food these days makes me want to eat... now I want fruit now you've mentioned it! :) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Those 12 weeks will whizz by I'm sure! Easter eggs you say?..... ;)

I look pregnant already! so I'm going to be massive by summer!! but hopefullywe will have the weather for flip flops!! and summery dresses I hope I don't look like a beached whale!! lol the joys of pregnancy!:-) and I just brought some strawberries to go with cream yummy mayhave to get some meringue to go with it !!! :-)

All this talk of food on the forum just makes me crave everything I hear about eating. I'd love strawberry meringue and cream... lucky you... :)

:) oh good im not the only one, i cant remember feeling this big at any stage during my last pregnancy (7 years ago) my partner has what can only be described as a foot phobia so it will be my daughter putting on my shoes soon enough :) I have been quite lucky regarding sickness etc so i shouldnt complain. Goodluck to you and indulge in a few easter eggs this weekend, I certainly will :) xx

Hi Babymother.. oh i hope we get the weather too, im due in June and no doubt will be a beached whale waddling about, sweating, huffing and puffing my way around lol :) the joys.. cant wait to wear some pretty summer dresses (hopefully) :) ohh would love some strawberries and cream :) xx

Snap 28 weeks on Tuesday, I roll off the sofa to a sitting position, I can just manage my shoes but gets me out of breath. I waddle too and walk very slowly. Heartburn hell, half. Bottle of gaviscon a day!

Eating lots but having to watch what I eat now, choc everyday is. No no sends my sugar levels sky high!

Sleeping with 6 pillows:)

Weeing every half hour, but then again I drink so much water!

I think it's due to diabetes but I got skin tags on my neck, don't look great but should go once baby is here.

I will be quite happy if they induce me at 38 weeks:)

But hey grateful to be pregnant after all these years if ttc, but I truly had no idea how had it would be.

oh no :( sounds like your having a harder time than me :( I know I shouldnt complain after reading what a lot of woman are going through right now (and wev been through it to) I am so thankful everything is well but like you really didnt expect this so soon.. with a bit to go yet. ohhh however exciting.. possibly only 10 weeks left for you :) x

I'm ok, but really tired and just not feel like told bouncy self.

10 weeks sounds so soon, I'm so excited cant wait to hold him x

i am 17w and now my bump seems to have just literally got huge, i know i have some way to go yet but yeh i kinda notice it getting in the way now. just kinda hopin tht it gets warmer so that i can wear my looser summer clothes as i kinda hoped tht i would be out of the winter clothes by now.. hope the rest of ur pregnancies goes well :)

I started to notice getting bigger at 17 weeks.. thats when i told my family (being to cautious) and my manager actually asked me was i expecting as i had a lovely round bump at 17 weeks :) I couldnt wait for my belly to grow and show it off with lovely new maternity clothes, bought lovely winter jumpers but ended up always carrying them about as im cold one min then boiling the next.. i have lived in tracksuits for comfort :) hoping for a warm summer too :) take care x

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