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positive test then negative the next day, bleeding heavily today. Could I still be pregnant or am I miscarrying?


I'm 8 days late on my period. I had been "feeling" pregnant for a couple of weeks before I was due on (though not trying to conceive) but I was very tired, had a lot of milky discharge, sore veiny boobs and sore nipples and a lot of indigestion so I took two pregnancy tests which were negative. I had a little spotting yesterday morning, very dark brown blood and only a very little. I took another test in the eve and it was positive! As I said I am not trying to get pregnant so it wouldn't be ideal so I had a very stressful bad nights sleep (think I got three hours at the most!) then when I tested again in the morning it was negative?! I started bleeding a little last night and quite heavily today so I'm worried that I'm miscarrying...which is even more stressful than the idea of being pregnant. I know I need to stop stressing as I'm sure that not helping but I just wondered if anyone could shed some light? I called the doc today and she said that it's very very rare to get a false positive so she thought I was and has booked me in for a scan next week. She said some people do bleed quite heavily and still carry healthy babies to full term but I've taken another couple of tests both which were negative. I feel like I'm going mad and have started hoping I am pregnant as miscarrying seems so sad. Please can anyone shed some light??

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This must be very stressful for you sorry you are going through this. A possible cause is a chemical pregnancy, this means you were pregnant but have misscarried before five weeks, again for the same reason as a later misscarriage.


Are you using different brand pregnancy tests? For example sainsburies pregnancy tests detect hcg at 15miu and Clear blue at25miu. Hence you will get a different result.

True bleeding can be ok for people in pregnancy.

Good luck with your scan x

Thank you for your support and advice. No sadly I was using the same brand of test however I've actually stopped bleeding and bled very little over the last few days. It was just the 1day really. It's been much less than a normal period. All very confusing. Anyway I'm trying to calm down just in case there is a little being in there trying to survive and my scan is on Thursday so...I wait with all the patience I can muster! Thanks again

Hello i know this was few years ago but can i ask what the end result was as going through the same i had positive tests on 26th -29th may started spotting then heaving bleed 29th in evening neg test and heavy on 30th very bright red and very watery but today 31st only spotting but still neg test

Hi Wanderlust, I did a pregnancy test in Dec and it said positive and then less than a week later I started to bleed really heavy but did another test and it still showed positive. I had a mc and it took up to 8 weeks after to get a negative result from a test. I dont think you have had a mc as the test would have still shown up the hormone level so it might just be a heavy period. Good luck with your scan.

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