Could I have fallen pregnant the day before my period?

Hi I hope someone can help me. I had sex on 23rd feb, using a condom, which i think was safe. and then come on my period on 24th feb. I then had unprotected sex on the 9th march, and a pregnancy test now shows that I'm pregnant. Have I fallen pregnant after my period with the guy I slept with on the 9th march? I hope someone can help me. Thanks


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  • I would say the 9th of march guy as it was unprotected! Unless the Condom split with the guy before that!

    Use a clear blue digital test with conception indicator, this will tell you how many weeks you are.


  • Yeah try clear blue and quick as it only goes up to 3 weeks. So 3 weeks plus is Feb man, 9th march will to 2-3 weeks. I make out you being 3 weeks tomorrow with second event so hurry otherwise it won't tell you much.

    They are usually spot in as it goes by your hcg (hormone) levels.

    Keep us posted xx

  • Wouldn't I be 2 weeks today? Because I only had sex with him 2 weeks ago. Very confused to be honest.

  • I would say 9th March guy! It's not possible to get pregnant the day before your period, conception would happen (based on 28 day cycle) roughly 14 days before your period is due. Hope this helps. Good luck :D

  • It is highly unlikely that u hav fallen pregnant the day before you started your period as the egg wudnt hav time to imbed at all. U ovulate around 14 days after the first day if your period. So for u that is likely to hav been around 9th march so your egg has been released at the same time u had unprotected sex, making guy number 2 the father. A clear blue test shows u how many weeks since u conceived but the docs count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. So clear blue will say 2-3 weeks pregnant and the doc wil say u r 4-5 weeks x

  • Thank you so much for that. That's helped alot. I'll buy a clear blue tomorrow and see what that tells me. Gut instinct was guy number 2, I just kinda panicked because I wasn't sure whether you could do a positive test so quickly, within 2 weeks. I was due on today and the test that I got was one of them that you do 4 days before your periods due.

  • Hi again I just done one of them clear blue tests and it says 2-3 weeks on it. So you was right!!!!! Once again thank you for your help x

  • Good luck with your pregnancy. Take care x

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