Good newssss!!!

Right so it was 3 days ago when i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative i got advised by the gp to do another test so i did thismorning before i went to work eith dad... And it came back positive! I didnt believe it so i got an emergency appointment at the gp they did a test and took bloods at 10am and the doctor phoned me back at 8pm as i was watching emerdale and told me great news... Im pregnant:D so happy!


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10 Replies

  • Yeah! I have sent your message :)

  • Got it & replied!

  • Congratulations x

  • Thankyou x

  • Many congratulations - how exciting!

  • Thankyou oh me and the babys father are absolutely over the moon! Cant wait for the little munchkin to ariveeee x

  • Cangratulations!!! How exciting ! ?

  • Thankyou... Oh me and the dad are over the moon got my 8 week scan on the 24th of april :D x

  • congrats...take it easy and relax! :)

  • Thankyou chick:) yeah im working at the moment but will be relaxing soon x

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