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Back to the hospital again!

Just got the results from a test that I should have had at week 28" but was rushed at 35 plus weeks, not told I had to fast had to arrange own test, re arrange new scan and consultation dates as they would be way too late, finally got my results back and guess I have gestational diabetes. Great fan flipping tastic! So I have to go up to the hospital again at the drop of a hat, much to my husbands employers dismay, to go shut a gate after the horse has bolted basically. With one month to go (or less ) I will be monitored and get some dietary advice and No I do not scoff my face before anyone else interjects, I Don't do takeaways, I don't eat processed rubbish, but I did go mad for chocolate for a whole week, I admit it. You know what? I never liked sweets before getting pregnant or fruit, I'd eat lots of green leafy veg and if I wanted a naughty snack I'd go for cheese and crackers. Fed up with cost cutting excersises leaving us I'll informed, and having to push for treatment, and make appointments ourselves, not getting anyone's opinion, because they're all to afraid they'll get sued, and basically sometimes they may as well post me a heap of leaflets, instead of getting me to attend, and it's happening all over, it's not just in my town mums to be talk.

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sounds like they need a kick up the arse! How very frustrating and very bad is that! So now so you could have a bigger baby? are they going to monitor that? hope they sort themselves putt !


I already have a big baby, 7lb at 34 weeks if it hadn't been by luck of the draw that I hadn't had my usual midwife this could have gone unchecked a lot longer, I'm so. Lucky in a way.




I too have started to monitor my blood sugar levels at week 24 due to sugar in my urine! I didn't change my diet for a few days and noticed my four readings a day were about .1 or 1.5 over the max readings, then the next few days I cut out crisps and chocolate, cut down the size of my meals and my sugar levels started going back to normal or just a smidge over!

I'm seeing the consultant on march 26 th, they will look at my results, and tell me what they think and if I need treatment. I don't think so its just for me a slight diet change.

I'm measuring 27 weeks instead of 26 so I wonder if anything will be said about that!

Don't worry too much, i think from this point they might scan baby to see how big they have grown, and probably induce you early like my sister, she gave birth three weeks early he was 10 pounds!

Good luck x


Oh ouch, but I'd prefer a natural birth, good for her.


I am not tested for blood sugar at all so far. I am at week 24 and I think I would start monitoring myself, thanks for sharing this.

I hope you would be able to keep the levels appropriate for the next month and get a happy healthy baby. feeling so sad for you - its definitely a big worry at the last stage (I cant even imagine hearing stuffs like those when you are just there)



Thanks Hun, I would urge anyone with a family background of any type of diabetes to push for a glucose tolerance test.


Your maternity services sound shambolic! Contact your local PALS department with all this information.

One of the 'problems' with maternity services is that, it doen't matter how crappy things are, when you end up with that beautiful, healthy baby in your arms, thoughts of complaining about your care are long gone - replaced with the marvel of the miracle of life!

You sound like a ballsey gal! Speak out and make it official!


I never used to say boo to a goose, but I'm a tigress when it comes to protecting my baby. And yeah I think I've grown a pair that would rival any man, my husbands so upset that he can't face the midwife, I will be calm polite but ask why they did not bother with the test.


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