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not really feeling pregnant

i am 15w and 3d pregnant, had my scan on 22nd feb and don't have my next one till 24th april and now i am in this weird situation where i don't really feel pregnant apart from gaining a bump. I have a midwife appointment next week where i am hoping that we will be able to hear the heart beat as this will make me feel 'more pregnant', has anyone else felt like this?

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They say 2nd Trimester is supposed to be the easy one, no more early pregnancy symptoms, sickness subsides, not so many trips to the loo in the night, no more sore boobs, food adversions ease, moods settle and so on and yet we seek comfort in these symptoms to remind us that we are pregnant. I am in the same boat as you, 14-15weeks, 1 trip to the loo at about 5am, the baby bump and early eve fatigue, thats it....I was never sick so I don't miss that one anyway.

Try to relax and enjoy this period of feeling more like yourself cause from what I understand the 3rd trimester brings more symptoms, swollen legs known as in my neck of woods as kankles, leg cramps, discomfort in sleeping, acid name a few and then of course we have the birth to look forward to :)



I'm do glad other people are feeling this too, I also had no sickness, food cravings or aversions, the sore boobs have gone , I'm shattered in the evening and sometimes wake in the night, but I have no other symptoms, my baby bump is more of a splodge than a bump so it looks like I've been eating too much chocolate (I have btw). I'm 18 weeks now and have even bought a Doppler so I can listen to splodge in the evenings, just to remind myself she/he's there!


For me at 26 weeks I feel very pregnant, very bad sickness from week 12 to 19, bad back, lack of sleep and 2x uti's, etc etc

From week 1 to 12 I was feeling ok tired, but that's it bit of weight gain,

I would say for me, from week 20 I have felt very pregnant as baby kicks alot, the best feeling ever!

How about buying yourself a doppler I have one its great :)


I had the same few weeks ago and even contemplated private scan :)


I had exactly the same thing just last week! I was so worried about it that I wasn't sleeping and when I did get off to sleep I was having horrific nightmares about the birth. My bump can go from looking really big and full to looking like I've just had a large fish and chips. I called my friends that have had babies and found out that it's all very normal. I'm 20 weeks now and when I go to bed lie very still, I can feel the little flutters of my baby having a good wriggle around and I think if I'd carried on worrying I might have missed those. If you're really concerned though, it's always a good idea to give your midwife a call.


I am not concerned as have spoken to few close friends and obviously people on here who have experienced same thing, I am still sick in the mornings but all the other symptoms have gone apart from the tiredness. When did you start to feel your baby move, what does it feel like??


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