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Mood swings are OFF THE WALL!

Hi ladies

so i now about 8wks pregnant & i'm having terrible mood swings with just about eveyone. I don't know whats wrong with me. I went into town yesterday & i could feel myself getting upset about a lady who was in -front of me in the que because she was loading her bags into her personal shopping trolley.

I wouldn't usually get angry about things like that but i felt as if i was going to burst.

is anyone going through something simular "i'd like to hear your thoughts"

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Hey Hun, I am exactly the same. I am nine weeks today and my emotions are all over the place. One min ill be fine the next bursting into tears or angry as hell. I am informed its normal but its not like me at all.

Unluckly for my fiancé he has caught most of it and thankful just shrugs it off :) I am hoping it will pass soon x


Welcome to the roller coaster of hormones, early on in pregnancy I was a little cow to every one up to 12 weeks, had. Bit if a quiet lull, then now at 26 weeks tomorrow I'm more tearful and sometimes just plain moody.oh well good job I have a understanding hubby:)


Oh boy have I got mood swings, I've become very fiery, and will no longer tolerate fools, I'm usually rather laid back and placid, and even if I am offended or upset rarely show it. Yeah well that was then, so to speak. Honestly I would have loved to have something to smash up with a lump hammer this weekend just gone. I was just soo angry one moment and crying the next or both at the same time. So I can totally understand where your coming from. :)


Oh god, I remember this mini period of hell well...don't worry about it, its normal....I was aware of my snappiness (just) and low tolerance for others then crying the next The calm came after the storm, I don't recall it lasting all that long and thought thank god for that....don't know of there is another storm coming but will deal with it when it does. :) Run with it and don't worry there is nothing you can do about it X


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