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Why am I bleeding

Just wondering if anyone can give me some info, I've been bleeding for 2 weeks, I'm nearly 7 weeks but it seems like my pregnancy hormones and my period hormones are fighting against each other, it's so up and down I can't relax, I just don't know what is going to happen...been taking it easy and have another scan booked tmw but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


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Hiya.i've had the same problem.i'm 16weeks now and had 3episodes of heavy bleeding.every time it lasted 4maybe 10min but i've lost loads.and every time i went to hospital but they just cant give me any answers.i had blood tests done,had internal scans,my cervix checked and 3normal scans which showed baby was fine.last friday i had a smear test done but that cameback ok.when i was 7weeks pregnant i needed an early scan because of the pain on the right side.doctors thought it was ectopic pregnancy so they've done a laparoscopy.but everything was ok and baby moved to the middle of uterus which was a consultant doesnt think my bleedings happened because of the i guess i'm one of these women that will have "periods".i know its hard for you.i keep waking up every 2hours cos i'm so paranoid that i'm bleeding.people say to stay calm but how can i if i dont know whats gonna happen.i can understand how you feel and hopefully you & your little one inside you will b ok.take care & good luck xx


Ah thanks must be so scary for you, yes every morning when I get up for a wee I am aprehensive about what will be there! People say some women bleed but your not supposed to so hard not to be worried, sounds like your little one is doing ok thou, hope it settles down for you for the rest of your pregnancy tc xx

Reply was your scan?hope everything is ok with the baby and you xx


Hi yes all in the right place little bean with heartbeat seen...consultant said just prob one of them things...still can't help but worry a bit but sickness is kicking in so all good signs! How's things with u? X


Hope everything was o.k with your scan. I bleed when I was pregnant with my first but only for a couple of days.


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