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Just done. FirstResponse pregnancy test, which has come back positve! After having a miscarraige back in december, me and my partner was trying again, and after a few months, we finally succeeded. We are both very happy and excited. I must admit, i do have a little bit of worry in that if everything will b ok this time, but im trying to put that out my head. It is early days so we are nt saying anything untillafter 12 weeks so we are sure everything will be ok. I just want to thank all those on here who have helped me with advice and things, and all advice is well and truely welcome. I am goig to the gym for yoga classes and light excersie as ive heard this hepls with labour and other stuff. Fingers crossed everything goes well this time :)

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  • Congrats on becoming pregnant. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey. Keep us informed with regular blogs. :-) xx

  • thanks very much. Ill keep u posted! X

  • Yeah, I'm sioooooo happy for you both :) good luck and I'm sure everything will be fine this time around, look at me I'm now 24 weeks :) so good things do happen.

    Chill out exercise only, just get yourself through the next 12 weeks :)


  • Yeah i think ill just do the yoga now. We are both very happy, trying to contain the excitment is hard but hopefully things will be well this time round. Thanks very much for your support. I know! I guess we had our suspisions. Let me know how you get on with your pregnancy and congrats! X

  • You know what I was looking back at our conversations about your spotting and possible implantation, it seems we were right u had done it! Yeah

  • My congratulation. You know dear I was trying like you since Dec, but once I miscarriage. But me and my husband never give up still trying. I am waiting until weekend to test. I checked yesterday was my due date for period was negative. I am still thinking positive. I will update my situation by weekend. Please be happy at least you are now pregnant, all you need to do look after your self stay calm, listen more music. Watch romantic films, and search web related pregnancy... Enjoy..

  • Thank you very much. Good luck to you. Keep positive, and try not to worry too much x

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