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Can an1 relate

Hi iv been ttc since comeing off cerazette in september it took 6weeks for periods to return then they became regular only lasting 3days untill last month took 5 weeks to arrive and this month its been 5 weeks 3 days and still nothing but negative tests had cramping on saturday and sunday so thought it was on its way and still nothing dose anyone no what could be goin on :-(

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I had 7 days delay as I am regular period. I did 2 test lady month was the same negative. But 8 th day I got period. So get the clear blue test it won't showing wrong result. And be positive you might be pregnant. And wait another 2_4 days, best of luck


If you were pregnant I would be surprised you still show negative, but I advise testing every two or four days as hcg levels double every two days, some ladies don't show positive till 6 or seven weeks, you might be one of them! I would keep testing till eight weeks, if no period get a blood test from the doc.

Good luck x


I was on cerazette for 12 months with no periods. When I was ttc it took at least 6 months for my periods to become regular, ranging from 23 to 32 day cycles. Then after 9 months started to become irregular again! In the end it took 11 months to conceive. However I was on other pills for a combined 13 yrs which probably also didn't help. I'm now 13 weeks and everything is going great. Stick with it and try ovulation tests rather than trying to predict ovulation dates. Good luck!


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