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Is it likely I may be pregnent?


I had a reversal Sterilisation in December and started trying for a baby after my last period on the 21st of January. I got a bit excited and did a pregnancy test with a cheep test 6 days before my period was due but it didn't really show anything.

But as of today I should be on now and I'm usually like clock work. I have slight sore boobs and stomach cramps but usually it's unbearable a few days leading to my period. I also have some signs of spotting and discharge before I come on but there's nothing.

I don't want to get my hopes up and am scared to do another test in case I'm just reading into things and I'm not actually pregnant.

Does this sound like I could be or am I just hoping to much?

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do a test xxxx


Thanks, I'm about to :-)

Wish me luck. Very nervous!! xxx


do the test and see best of luck xx


I took the advice and bit the bullett and did the test and it's POSITIVE!!!


Very excited, happy and nervous all in one!!

Thank you both for your help.



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