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28 weeks and varying levels of movements, some days when I'm busy not feeling anything at all...anyone else experiencing the same?

I am a bit of a worrier and have been feeling very strong kicks/punches etc. Due to my job I am out travelling a lot and often find myself running across stations and up and down stairs to catch trains/tubes and hurrying between appointments on foot. Although I have been feeling really strong movements, some days seeing my skin jump out! There are some days I don't notice anything at all, even when lying still on my side at the end of the day. I had a really busy day yesterday, ran for two trains and then had to stand (as there were no seats!) for the two hour long journeys. Now today I really ache in my groin and I've not noticed any strong movements other than the odd squirming sensation in the last 24 this normal just because I was so busy and rushed, or should I be worried....?

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Don't worry huni this happens to me too. I'm 37 weeks now and I have days where I don't feel my baby move very much. I have other days I feel him squirm most of the day. I think sometimes our babies are a bit like us and they have more energy on some days than other days. It depends on how active you are too. I can have a day where I'm not even aware of his movements and then I think..,, what have I been doing today? Then normally within an hour or so with my feet up and tucking into something a bit naughty and sweet I get a little kick. The best thing you can do is get yourself checked if your worried. You get used to feeling so many movements a day so if it slows down get in touch with your midwife. It's worth remembering though that as your pregnancy progresses your baby's movements do slow down as he/she gets bigger. :-) xx.


Thank you clc1, I am sure I'm just worrying unduly. I just had the talk from the midwife a few days ago about contacting her if I notice any change, but I really haven't had a regular pattern of movements yet, mainly evenings, but last night didn't feel anything so I've instantly gone into worry mode! Good to know it's common when rushing around and I am feeling squirms today. Cx


Good! That's really good you have felt some movements. That means everything is fine :-) don't beat yourself up about worrying about your baby because we all do. It's only natural. Anybody who says they don't worry about their unborn baby is a liar. It's what makes us good mums!! :-) good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx


I have a placenta that is anterior so some days movement is very small but others he kicks me in the ribs instead.

If he as a quiet day I lay on my left side drink a very cold drink and eat something sweet, then normally he will move.

If I was very worried I would get baby monitored

Good luck x


I have days where baby moves and kicks a lot and others where i don' and i am.a worries also but for me my last baby.never stopped moving, always ( even now at 2 and a half yrs he never stops even in.his sleep) so.i use to.panic if i didn't feel.him move or.kick. Now at 32 weeks i have gotten use to his pattern and if he is having a quiet day i have a.cold drink (ice cold.water or diet coke) and lay down and he normally gets.moving. If at all you are worried contact your.midwife.or.local maternity unit and see what they say. Good luck.with.the rest.of your pregnancy :-)


You are not alone ! I am 29 wks now I had really busy week and my baby wasnt moving as much as normally .On Sunday eve i was panicking so much and was crying and crying (i blame hormones )

I went to the hospital at 11pm to get checked cos couldn’t sleep !!!!

Everything was fine and when i heard her heart beat i started crying !! was so relived and happy that all was fine but midwife said that as my pregnancy progresses baby's movements do slow down as she gets bigger. I know is easy to say dont worry but if you are concern you can always go to the nearest hospital and get all checked :) Lots of love from me and the bump....xxxxx


Thanks everyone, it's so reassuring just to know I'm not alone.

kasik I'm so pleased everything was ok for you too. I've been getting lots of wriggling and kicks again today. I'm sure being so busy and rushing must just rock them to sleep more, but it's still a worry when you're told to watch out for any changes, especially with it being my first and no idea what is or isn't normal!

Thanks again for the comments and the good wishes, I wish the same for you too :) xxx


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