Question for Twin parents :)

Hi everyone, I'm currently ten weeks three days with twins and wondering when everyone started showing? I can't fit into my pre pregnancy trousers because of the bloating, but definitely can't feel my uterus yet. This is my first pregnancy ( to get to this stage) so I don't know what to expect. I always find something to worry about :( x


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  • This is my second pregnancy I'm now 21 weeks:) I started getting bloated from about four weeks and from 12 weeks I had to wear over the bump trousers, and im expecting one:) your uterus will still be behind your pelvic bone hence you can't feel it, at 21 weeks mine is just rising above my belly button:) good luck i hope u have a lovely pregnancy xx

  • Thankyou for your reply!! So until you could feel your uterus At twenty one weeks was the bump you had just bloat? Sorry if it's a stupid question!!! My tummy is popping out in the middle below my belly button but only because the underneath has pushed my tummy out a bit ( sorry lost loads of weight so my fatty bit is what is sticking out more I think because underneath is pushing it out more? ) xxx

  • I would say I felt firmer around the pelvic area but definatley bloated out. I have found that as my uterus has risen my belly fat was more pronounced but now it has evened out I think due to my baby bump being hard and round luckily very neat:)

  • Am 17 weeks pregnant and ive got a big bump already am neighbour is 25 weeks with little bump so i think everyone is different. good luck with the pregnancy

  • Hi, I found that I had to wear maternity clothes straight away.. My belly bloated so much I looked Like I was 3 months at 3 weeks. Now im 17 weeks and have quite a nice bump (im expecting twins & its my first) took till 13/14 for me to actually feel the pregnancy belly under the soft belly (hope that makes sense).

    Good luck

  • Thanks! Makes perfect sense! So its going to be a little while till I can feel on the outside that theres two little people in there :). Can I ask when you got to my stage 10 and half weeks did you find that your symptoms eased off quite a bit?? Its got me paraniod about them. I haven't had any bleeding or pains since my last scan, so its probably in my head!! xx

  • Hi - Congratulations on expecting twins.

    I have twins (they have just turned 3) and I was struggling to fit into my normal clothes several weeks before my dating scan at 13 weeks. I don't think its unusual although every pregnancy is different.

    TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association) is a great source of free information for expectant parents of multiples. They have also just started a Breastfeeding Peer Support service too (of which I am proud to be a part) so if you are planning to breastfeed, getting information before you have your babies and some support after can be very beneficial.

    Best of luck :-)

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