First trimester and realy struggling!

I'm just over 8 weeks and reay struggling so tired all the time but can't sllep endlessley being sick and now got the flu doctor has signed me off work for 4 weeks which 4 me is not realy an option as no one realy nos my job so getting endless calls all day! With added worry that things arnt being done! Has anyone else found themself in the same boat? Does it get better?


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  • Im 11weeks and still have sickness. It did calm down a week but now its horrible but it does et better 1st trimester is the hardest. Hope it eases soon x

  • Thanks I realy hope so this is awful! :(

  • Thanks I realy hope so this is awful! :(

  • Poor sweety. Early pregnancy has quite an impact on life. I didn't vomit in the early weeks boy oh boy did I feel so very nauseated and I retched and retched. I lost weight, I had hot flushes. I feel for you.

    I can only imagine how stressed you could be feeling with work in need of you and you wanting to be able to do your job but seriously this most amazing thing is happening to your body and it sure as heck fire doesn't feel that good right now but you are being infused with hormones, all sorts of wonderful things taking place to make your baby.

    Vomiting a lot is very tiring, with flu on top can only be utterly miserable. I just hope that there are points in the day where you can sleep just a little, where you can have something to eat or snack on something that you can keep down.

    My pregnancy nausea and retching lasted quite some time but everyone is very different. Good luck with it and please no your experience is shared by many. All the best and of course, congratulations on your pregnancy! x

  • Thank you very much for ur supportive words hopefully it will pass I'm so exited to be pregnant but takes the shine off things when I feel so terrible! Nice to know I'm not alown all my friends seem to have had such easy pregnancys

  • Thank you very much for ur supportive words hopefully it will pass I'm so exited to be pregnant but takes the shine off things when I feel so terrible! Nice to know I'm not alown all my friends seem to have had such easy pregnancys

  • No-one seems to tell you in advance how sh*t pregnancy can be! Tired, depleted, ill and the sickness, urgh! I had an awful time early on. Thankfully catching up on work and everything now though! Still, rest up and give yourself a good break. You and your baby sound like you need it.

  • Yeah I have to say I imagined the worse part to be nearer the end :)

  • Yeah I have to say I imagined the worse part to be nearer the end :)

  • hi,it will get better :)

    the 1st 12weeks is defo the worst for most people, this is my 3rd pregnancy, i am 10weeks the now, no sickness but feel really sick all day most days and so tired and cant stop eating chocolate and feel bloated, the joys of pregnancy, just put your feet up and take it easy and you will start to feel better soon, best of luck

  • I was Ill untill about three weeks ago I'm now 21 weeks and feel normal again, a few aches a pains but my sickness has nearly stopped.

    I understand what u are going through.

    The only thing is if u are signed off work sick then u should turn your phone off, and concentrate on u and the life inside u, you are more important and the early stage of pregnancy demands that u listen to your body.

    Get well soon x

  • Don't worry I felt exactly the same. I'm a teacher and always feel anxious when supplys are left doing my job for long periods. I was very ill at the beginning. Thankfully I started to get better around 12wks with feeling normal again around 16wks. It sounds as if you job demands a lot from you which is making you anxious about not feeling well. Do try to put yourself and your newborn baby to be first. If you've been signed off then this is for the best. Good luck!!!!

  • Thanks doing my best 2 4get wrk! X

  • Have you tried ginger? It has been proven very effective in research for nausea and sickness

  • Yeah no use at all :(

  • Ginger is not a very effective antiemetic, it is moderately effective for mild to moderate nausea and there is no convincing evidence that it is effective for severe sickness. A recent survey of women with hyperemesis gravidarum found that out of 114 women, NONE of them found it effective. See

  • Hi Louise87, I totally sympathise, I was being sick between 10 and 15 times a day, couldn't keep anything down, not even water, and was admitted to hospital twice to be put on a drip and medication, which I ended up taking until I was around 19 weeks, but thankfully it did ease off after this. I still hand the odd wobble if I eat too fast or something too hot or if I content get chance to have lunch, but generally so glad to be able to eat again. Just do what you can and don't be afraid to go back to your doctor, it really is miserable but there are things that can help, such as meds.

    Really hope things pick up for you. X

  • Louise, you don't have to put up with constant sickness, there are quite a number of medications that are safe to take in pregnancy, even in the first trimester. Unfortunately a lot of doctors are hopelessly uneducated in treating pregnancy sickness, but there are some who know something about it so keep trying different ones till you find someone to help. For more information about it see pregnancysicknesssupport.or..., the website of Pregnancy Sickness Support which is the only charity in the Uk specifically helping women with pregnanyc sickness. If you think you might have hyperemesis gravidarum, the very severe form of pregnancy sickness, see for advice from other women who have been through it.

  • do not think about your job think about you AND your bABY

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