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At 12 week scan they were unale to get a normal view of baby's brain, has anyone else had this?

I had my 12 week scan today, baby was moving around we saw all limbs, and heart beat plus cord etc. the sonographer however could not get a proper view of the baby's brain so she changed to an internal scan, she managed to get several pictures of he babies brain but not a clear one of it looking like a butterfly which is what they would hope for, so the brain looked abnormally shaped. She has referred me to a consultant to have another scan which I cannot have now until Thursday, which seems like forever away.

My other tests can back as low risk, but higher than my age would determine, so they said if I had had a normal scan today they would have just invited me back for another scan at 16 weeks.

Has anyone else had anything similar? My husband keeps telling me to think positive as we don't know anything for sure yet, but obviously I cannot stop thinking the worst and I wish we knew now.

Any advice would be beneficial


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hey Sorry to hear that they baby might have a abnormality. i don't know if its same as mine but in my first pregnancy at 13 week scan they found that baby's bain was coming out the condition is called (anencephaly). welll i had hard time when i found out and had to have loads of scan. For me it didn't turn out good but i hope in your next scan they find nothing and everythingt turns out fine with the baby.... Good Luck


Don't worry yet, I know this is easier said than done! But every baby develops slightly differently so by Thursday everything might be in place. I hope it turns out them be over cautious. Good luck and keep me updated. I will keep everything crossed for u and pray for u tonight xxx


Skyblueboston is right. It is too soon to worry - I know it's impossible not to, but try not to expect the worst. In this stage, a few days can make a huge difference in development and how clearly everything is visible. Maybe they slightly miscalculated your due date, and by Thursday you can see everything is as it should be.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope everything turns out well!



Try not to worry! It could be the baby's just in an awkward position to get the right pic!

Not quite the same but when had my 20 week scan with my now 3 yo his head was well and truly burrowed in to my hip and they couldn't get the measurements they needed at 1st so had to go round hospital for a jog and handstands ! Not quite but I'm sure u know what I mean.

My scan pic was of the back of his spine with his head disappearing in to my hip! Although after my walk he moved just enough to get the measurements they needed but not all and they were not concerned.

The baby is a lot smaller and harder to see everything so just wait and c what thur brings.

Good luck.


Thank you for all of your kind messages.

Unfortunately the baby's brain is not developing and there is a hole in the heart, the consultants have said that it is unlikely I will carry the baby to full term and if I did the baby would last no longer than a few days/weeks.

I have to have a termination on Monday which I am dreading and I hate that this is happening. It is the hardest thing I have ever been through and hope I can find the strength to get through it.

Thank you again for your kind words


Oh no Dear, so sorry to hear! This is terrible news. I wish you all the strength you need to get through this and I hope you and your husband can help and support each other. Best wishes for you, and if you feel like talking, we're all here. xxx


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