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TTC in 2013- Am I pregnant already?

Hi Ladies!

Me and the mr are TTC and this is just our 1st month so im not getting my hopes up, but...

AF is due on the 22nd so im in my TWW & ive been having weird 'symptoms' this month that i dont normally experience.

*Extremely bloated to the point where i was offered a seat on the train today!

* Bad break out of spots (GAH!)

* I keep getting a stitch in my left hand side which lasts several minutes then goes (weird)

* My diet coke and bagel that i get every morning taste, 'weird', not as normal.

* I keep getting hot flushes in my cheeks where they feel like theyre burning up, then it calms and goes

Ive got at least another 7 days until i test, but do you think theres ANY chance this could be good news in terms of being pregnant?

Have any of you exeprienced these syptoms then turned out to be pregnant?

Sarah x

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I was bloated, backache and the most painful breasts ever!


I was bloated, backache and the most painful breasts ever!


Really? And you were pregnant? Without having TMI- Its mainly my nipples that are just sore, not my whole breast.

I am SUPER bloated though, though i hear this can be pre-period signs.

I feel like im about to come on too, despite it being 7 days before im due on.

God im keeping everything crossed!!


My whole breasts were so painful including the nipples I actually cried! I had slight cramps and I thought I was coming on but I didn't I'm now 17 weeks :) sounds good to me, lots of baby dust to u xx


Thank you! Fingers (and toes!) crossed! xx


Hi Sarah!

My first pregnancy symptoms started only a few days after I conceived. I didn't even suspect I was pregnant then, but after I found out it all made sense suddenly ;-) I was extremely tired all the time, but as it was our honeymoon, I thought I was still exhausted from the wedding. Also I felt like I was coming on before I was due, and I was bloated all the time which was extremely vexing because I wanted to look nice in my new honeymoon bikini :-P It was our first month of trying, and I hadn't really expected it to happen so quickly. Now I'm 24+3 - yay!

If you don't usually experience these symptoms before your period, I'd think you might well be pregnant. Fingers crossed!


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