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Confused yet again!

Hi guys.

As some of u kno i had a miscarraige at 8 weeks in november. Since then me and my partner have been trying for again bt so far no joy.

I had an appointment yesterday at the hospital to check to see if i was ok as i was bleeding from the miscarraige for a little longer than expected.

The last appointment i had with them was 21st dec where i had to be checked and had to do a pregnancy test which came out positive (obvs the hormones where still there from te miscarraige)

So on wedesday i took a home preg test which showed up negative, so i went to my appoitnemnt yesterday to check up and was asked to do another test there. The nurse did the test and said that there is a slight faint line which suggest im pregnant, but she said it was a faint line so it looks like a negative test... But she was very vage on her answers and now, im not sure if im pregnant or the hormones r atill there but im not bleeding i have no pains i feel fine. Someone please help!

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Hi Babyj, I also miscarried in November and i was testing myself every 3 days after a dilatation and curretage, I had a positive test for 5 weeks following the procedure with no pain and no bleeding, however the test gradually got faint and faint and fainter until I got a negative test on the 21st of December. However anything is possible. Keep testing with a clear blue digital every 3 days, it is expensive but worth every penny as it is precise and will tell you exactly. If not you can buy the cheap ones and keep testing with the same brand. They should be able to offer you a blood test as well, best of luck : )


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