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Still no joy yet :(

Me and my boyfriend are tying for another baby as i had a miscarrage at 8 weeks in november. So i did another preg test last nigt and it came out as negative :(

Been trying all month but no luck yet. Im gettin frustrated now as its being so long :( any tips and my boyfriend is starting to feel like givin up :( any ideas in how we can kinda speed up the process?

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probably start taking folic acid for conception and also relax and enjoy the process - that is most important.

From the classic old wives tip - old ladies say to lie on your back with your knee bent towards your chin after sex to help sperms travel easy. And also check your mucus to know your fertility. You can use the following link for mucus test

good luck!


Ive been taking folic acid for like a month now! Bit i shall continue and see if the okd wifes tale works :) thanks very much 4 ur advice! X


Have sex at least every other day to ensure you don't miss your most fertile time. Worked for us, we got pregnant the month we started trying! Lol


We've had sex every single day last month hahaha. But i guess its a new ye sp things will go to plan hopefully :)


Hi Babyj, it will happen when the time is right. I also miscarried at 7 weeks plus 1 and had a clean out ( d and c) after 2 weeks, that was 12th and 26th November respectively. I also started trying straigtht away as there is no valid reason why not except if you have health problems or for dating purposes. I had a very light period on the 23rs of december and with the help of ovulatiuon tests and regular sex, I am keeping my fingers crossed for this month. Make love as often as you can, relax and be patient. Men unfortunately are not very patient people, mine was getting a bit bored and so I have been spicing things up, I dont want to say too much on that. Stress plays a big hinderance and for that reason try to eliminate it if you can. All the best and hope you get pregnant soooooon.


Aww sorry to hear of ur loss :( yeah we trying to have sex as much as we can but i think i need to relax more to be honest. I think im too worried that each time will b a fail. I thought it takes time to get pregnant again after a miscarraige so i was feeling low.

Good luck to you and tour partner as well, hope you'll be pregnant soon! I would love to know how u get on and thankyou for your comment and encouragement x


Hi, 1stly sorry for you ur loss.

patience ! When I tried aged 26 for my 3 yo it took 9 months after coming off the pill I had been on for nearly 10 years , I put it down to The pill in my system for taking so long! Wrong! ! !

Thinking I would b giving myself the best chance to conceive when the time was right I chose a none hormonal coil, when going to have it removed , it was gone ( I estimated 3/4 months earlier as my periods went light and thinking it must have took a year to settle down ) it has took me nearly 2 years to conceive this baby now 7 weeks.

After 1 year trying, went to docs and unfortunately my periods were so frequent that it was not giving me time to ovulate and they wanted to put me on the pill to regulate me but I chose herbal option and I didn't want to prevent a pregnancy.

I know ur really wanting a baby and ur time will come, but these things take time ( hopefully not as long as it took me ) good luck it will happen for u.


Hi BabyJ,

I would try to start taking pregnacare from now. There is a study that says that could help with fertility (see below).

Also, very important to eat well and not to be on a diet or underweight.

good luck!!!!


My advice would be to have sex every other day, because apparently the sperm can be diluted if you do it too often. Also, are your cycles regular? I had just come off the pill and mine were very long, and it turned out that the first few times we tried we were trying at the wrong time! It may be worth using ovulation sticks to pinpoint the right time. Also, your miscarriage shows that you were able to conceive in the first place, so there are no fertility problems. Good luck!


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