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16 days late. Am i pregnant?

Im 16 days late for my period, i did a test when i was 13 days late and came up negitive and started having period like pains for the past 3 days but no bleeding. Has anyone had anything like this before?

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If it wasn't a clear blue digital, get 1 and test with that , you will defiantly know either way.

If it comes up negative and your still worried make an appointment with doc?

Have u got any other symptoms? With my 1st ( now 3 yo ) it was boob tenderness that provoked a test, I'm currently 5 weeks and this time it was nausea although not bad. I'm worried cos my books are not really sore this time!

Good luck


I agree with jds123 if it wasnt a clear blue digital then go get one of them or you could ask your gp to do the hcg blood test which is giving to see the level of the pregnancy hormon if any is there and will let you know how early on you are. If you have the tender breasts, sickness at anytime it doesn't nesseceraly have to be in the morning as I had it morning and night with this pregnancy and it only subsudided at 13 weeks I am now 19 weeks with my first who is now 3 i had very tender breasts,morning sickness,i went off certain foods and started eating things I despised like sprouts etc. good luck


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