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When will the sickness stop?

I'm 11 weeks (nearly 12) into first pregnancy. I've been feeling sick constantly for the last couple of weeks. I've completely lost my appetite and feel dizzy and faint when standing/ walking.

Docs prescribed me some anti-sickness meds. They help for a while, but don't really last long enough for me to get anything done.

Please someone tell me the end is in sight. I don't think I can handle this much longer. :(

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Hey everybody is different, I didn't have the sickness but the dizziness and fainting I've had since 4 wks, got worse at 16 wks til 20 wks, this wk it seems to be easing off, for sickness ginger snaps n milk meant to b good, dizziness, drink plenty of fluids and get ur blood pressure checked, I also found my blood sugar r low so I take glucose tablets, take vitamins and try drinking sugar, high calorie drinks if not eatin much and get plenty of rest. I know this is not wat u want to her, I got told it b better by 12 wks then 15wks then 20wks and I just wanted to cry I was off work for 5 wks coz of it, fingers crossed it gets better soon x


They say that you should start to feel better after 12-15 weeks as before that you are providing everything for your baby. Then around 12 weeks your body has finished making the placent and it takes over and nourishes your baby. Which means your hormone level will drop back down and you "should" start to feel less sick. I felt rough at the beginning but by 16 weeks felt so much better, im eating more and have more energy. Hope this helps just think it will all be worth it in the end :)


...ALSO i find chewing on peppermint gum really helpful. Whenever i felt sick i chewed ;)


All pregnancies are different. I've not vomited but done some impressive retching and experience nausea that is intense. Waking me up at night time, throughout the day. Very exhausting. I'm tired most of the time which I'm not used to as I'm normally very active indeed, living my life at full pelt. I'm 18 weeks and the nausea though less frequent is different and potent now, oh my days, the tiredness unbelievable! Just woke up and feel ready for more sleep. I, like you, am keen to get my energy back, stop feeling sick and be able to get things done! Wishing that your nausea settles soon, you're doing great even if you feel really poo poo. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy. xxx


Hi Twink,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so ill. But as others have said here, it isn't uncommon. Everyone has left you some great helpful tips, but if you want to read a bit about other ideas for easing nausea, our article on 'morning' sickness may help:

Hang in there, we're all here for you!

Best wishes,

Alice x


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