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My first baby

Im currently 11 weeks pregnant and i havent had any symptoms except cramping and headaches. Im really nervous as this is my first baby and im terrified something might go wrong, cus ive read about women who have gone to scans ans the babys hearts not beating, I havent had any health problems and also im not showing at all. Please help me i need reasurrance.

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I know its a worrying time but please try not to, its true that this does happen and i think every pregnant woman is anxious about there first scan as this is the first time you get to see whats actually going on in there.

As for not showing yet i am 17 weeks and 4 days and ive got hardly any bump! You cant even tell im pregnant. This is my second baby. But every pregnancy and every woman is different you cant compare yourself to others. You might find in the next couple of weeks you'll all of a sudden wake up with a bump or you might have a little bump all the way through. You never know. Just try to enjoy your pregnancy. Especially as you feel fine, i wish i had! I felt bloody awful but again everyone is different. I heard of a woman that was sick 10 times a day but then you get others that have no symptoms. I do hope your first scan goes well (which im guessing is coming up very soon) hope your feeling a little better about it now. All the best :)


i agree with mumaj every women is different and experience pregnancy differently i am currently 13 weeks 5 days pregnant with my second child and woke up this morning with a little bump, try not to worry to much it maybe worth having a chat with your midwife about how you feel as thats what there there for. All the best x


Im 13weeks 5 too! Had no morning sickness, sore big boobs and lots of toilet trips but fine otherwise. Apart from tiredness earlier on ive been full of energy. So i was worried. Even seeing the little berry bouncing around on the scan.

I woke up with a bump yesterday morning as well! Feel properly pregnant now, but it realy is soo different for everyone im finding out. This is my first, so such a learning curve!

Take care a x


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