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Ovarian Cysts - Pregnant :)

I have been for 2 scans since i have found out i am pregnant as i was in hospital at the end of July for ovarian cysts as one burst.

All the midwives and nurses helped me and gave me antibiotics and even an injection in the bum to help clear the infection away and the cysts to become dormant.

Then in September after coming back from a holiday in Newquay and still waiting for my period i took a pregnancy test and to my surprise i am pregnant.

Me and my boyfriend Andrew have been TTC since January of this year and were getting quite worried as if there was something wrong, now i know after all this time it was the cysts.

I am so happy now, i am 14 weeks and 2 days and my bump is beginning to show but i also have a tendancy to bloat alot aswell. I have had feelings of butterflies in my stomach and like little air bubbles floating around. Is this the baby moving? Can anyone help me?

Also can anyone help me, if they have been in this situation before because they said it would of been hard for me to become pregnant when i was in hospital with the cysts?


Leanne xx

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Co graduations on your pregnancy I wish you ll the best. :-)



When I went for my scan at 13 weeks they found a cyst on my left ovary about as big as an orange, I immediately panicked and thought 'god I'm going to lose baby woody' (excuse the bump name lol) but the doctors said they would just keep an eye on it and that they were not overly worried about it luckily, I now kno this is why it took a while to conceive! Then i came back from Mexico and im pregnant :) I'm now nearly 17 weeks due on 18th april and can feel little air bubbles and tiny weird feelings so ye I believe it's your baby moving :)

The cyst does give me a little pain sometimes but doctor said its cos baby is moving around and knocking it, luckily it's starting to shrink as most of them do and eventually disappear. Hope this helps and wish you both luck n happiness waiting for your little bundle :D

Cassie xx


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