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Pain and discharge please help!

I found out monday I am pregnant today I am now 5 weeks and 3 days since last week I have had cramping like you do when on period but also had brown discharge now and then the cramping doesn't stay all the time it's on and off but not always sore it is bearable I told the doctor on monday and she told me to phone the hospital for the early pregnancy and explain to them the lady said it is normal in early pregNancy but I am still worried something is wrong can someone please this is my first baby and I am only 20

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I can understand that this is very worrying. Unfortunately there are no black and white answers. I know people who have had bleeding (brown or red) in early pregnancy and everything has been fine. I also know people who have had situations where it didn't turn out ok. There's really no way of knowing - it's just a very scary waiting game. All I can reassure you with is that brown is better than red and you are so early on that is quite likely to be an implantation bit of bleeding. Implantation happens around the time your period would have been due and because your blood is brown, it is old blood and could have been from that happening.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx


It's actually quite normal to having cramps, just think about what's happening down there! The uterus is expanding and the womb is getting ready, also the embryo is bedding in. My fertility nurse practically gave me a list of things that could happen so I didn't panic. She put like this, it feels as though your period is going to start but you're pregnant so it won't. I also had a brown discharge for a couple of days, but again, it's normal. Even some blood could be normal. Just try not to worry, although it's easier sad than done! Good luck


hey hun... I had a baby 10 months ago and had mild cramps and brown bleeding for several weeks between around 5 and 7 weeks... I went for a scan around 7 weeks and everything was fine... we saw the heartbeat and my lovely little boy was born on Christmas day... I was also worried but it is very common and everything turned out ok... try not to worry but if it continues, ask your doctor to refer you for a scan... if he/she won't, go to A&E and tell them you have been bleeding and they will give you one... good luck, you will be fine xxx


hi there congrats, im around 6 weeks gone and have the same this, discharge is unreal feels like i have come on period, :( but am assured this is normal unless accompanied by blood xxx


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