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Lost my job

I lost my job just before I found out that I was pregnant. I've since found out that if I did get a new job, I wouldn't be entitled to SMP unless I was working there before I got pregnant. Also, with most probational periods being 6 months, I feel like as soon as I started to show, they would make up an excuse to fire me.

I'm feeling really disheartened about getting a new job and starting to think why should I even bother. Last time I was unemployed, it took me 3 months to find a new job, if it takes that long again, I'll be showing and no-one will even think about hiring me.

I wouldn't mind working part time in a shop or something to earn some extra cash, but at the minute I'm suffering really bad morning sickness lasting all day and dizziness when standing up for too long.

7 weeks pregnant

20 years old

Feel like a worthless loser for being on benefit while pregnant

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Sorry to hear about your job, Twink. You might not get SMP from a new job, but you might be eligible for Maternity Allowance instead. You don't have to tell a new employer that you are pregnant and if they dismissed you because you were pregnant they would be guilty of sex discrimination! At least if you manage to find a job, you'll have something to go back to after the baby is born (if that is what you want to do). I don't think that you should feel like a worthless loser at all. It isn't your fault that you lost your job and it is hard to find a new job at the moment. Feeling poorly all the time doesn't help, but hopefully that will get better soon and you'll have a bit more energy. Don't be too hard on yourself and good luck!


Hey, I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation. The citizen's advice bureau (CAB) are free and will let you know what your entitled too and what your choices are without pushing you into anything. I'd recommend you pop in, is likely she where you stay, or very closeby. Either way, I hope you take the break it sounds like you need now and the figure out what you want. I can empathise with feeling poorly, I've had to take time off with the exact same symptoms. Hopefully they won't last long :) Good luck


That sucks, but if it helps I am in the same situation. It's so stressful and not at all what you need. I'm trying to keep positive and looking for anything at the moment - still have 2 months before I have to leave my current job so I do have a bit more of a heads up. And I wouldn't be down about being on benefits - benefits are provided for exactly this type of situation, to help people out and not because someone is worthless! I would keep applying and seeing what's out there - you never know what might happen, this might just work out perfectly for you.

I hope it does :-)


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