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I am 9 weeks pregnant i had a scan on tuesday 9/10/12 at my epu all is welll baby has strong heart beat and now the sickness is kicking in. It kicks in bad first thing when iwake and then it calms down after 3 hours and then it returns just after lunch and last until i go to bed what foods do people suggest i have to help qwell the feeling. i already have a daughter who is coming up 3 in november this year and i never had the sickness


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  • At night take some biscuits up, so when you wake up before actually getting out of bed you can have some. See if that helps at all. Its best to eat little and often, no big meals. Try seeing if you notice after you eat a certain food if it makes you feel worse. Bread is not great for me at the moment so have avoided it for the past 4 days and ive felt a little better than normal. Keep your fluids up. Sickness tends to feel worse when your hungry so justnivble on biscuits, toast, crackers through the day. Hope this helps and something works for you. I have a 2 year old and feel your pain :(

  • thank you

  • Also in the next month or so you might find your sickness will ease off as your placenta will kick in and start to Nourish your baby and your hormone levels will drop.

  • I only ever had mild morning sickness, but found that keeping a small supply of fruit / nuts with me helped. Little bits at the first sign seemed to keep my tummy distracted.

    All the best with it.

    R x

  • thank you

  • Hi mumofone2009,

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling sick. As well as the suggestions on this page, you might find some useful info on the NHS Choices site, here:

    Best of luck, hope you start to feel better soon.

    Susie at NHS Choices

  • Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I'm only 4wks+4 and feeling sick already :(

    ive been told that ginger biscuits help (or anything ginger flavoured)

    the travel sickness bands can help too and as others have already said, little and often does help. This week ive found the odd handful of raisins helps and ive had little cartons of fruit juice to sip on, sipping seems to not make me as sick as gulping fluids and the juice gives a quick sugar fix!


  • thanks i have tried fresh juice and it helps especially at night i take a few sips b4 going to sleep then i have a few sips in the morning with a digestive

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