I'm so scared!!!

Hi all. I am 5 days late (regular as clockwork!!) and me and my partner have decided to wait until Monday to do a test. I am so scared that the test will come back negative, that the thoughts of doing it makes me feel sick as we've been trying for a year ( I know not really that long ). I keep thinking I'm about to come on bcoz I've got little niggles in my tummy but none of the usual sore boobs or cramps. Sorry realised I'm rambling and not really asking a question x

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  • Well the fact that your regular as clockwork and your 5 days late is a good sign. Dont be scared hun, if it doesnt happen this time its ok. It took me 14 months before anything happened. Now im pregnant with my second. Hope you get the result you want :) good luck!!

  • Its monday ;) all the best!

  • Hi hun did a test, negative :-(. Am gutted, really thought we'd cracked this time x Thanks for thinking of me tho chick. Xx

  • Don't give up trying! Last October my period was 8 days late & I'm like clockwork too! Thought I was pregnant but gutted when I came on! This January the same thing, did a test b4 going on a spa day out, it was negative, then repeated the test 2days later, it was positive! Had to do 5 more as didn't believe it! Our first is due next wk! Keep trying, in the end we found a good drunken night out the best way to conceive! Lol! All the best x

  • Aww congrats babe xx My partner seems to think we were to eager to test. He read the instruction leaflet ( I know a man who reads instructions lol ) and is convinced as I've still had not one period symptom. So we gonna leave it a couple of weeks and see what happens. Fingers crossed x

  • Aw hun. So sorry its not the result you wanted but dont give up hope! Like i said it took 14 months for anything to happen for me first time. Have you been working out when your ovulating? I did it this time on the 2nd month we were pregnant. I strongly reccommend it! It is very hard to get pregnant, did you know that a man will release 250 million sperm and only 1% will make it to the next stage of the journey to fertilize an egg! So every baby makes it here against the odds, thats pretty fantastic. So if it doesnt happen for you right now, its ok, just give it time, the right egg needs to come along ;) Hope your ok chick xx

  • Thanks hun. I'm ok came on yesterday too so little bit emotional but ok. I have been using the ovulating tests for about 5 months but my partner works 4 weeks of nights out of 7 week rota so sometimes we miss it. Oh well just have to keep trying x Thanks for your support babes :-) x

  • Aw yeah i understand that. Its a case of "thanks for reminding me". Maybe he needs to book some holiday ;) thats one of the frustrating parts is that you need to get the timing pretty spot on. It'll happen when you least expect it. Really wishing you all the best of luck hun :)

  • Thanks hun. Made myself look really stupid today. Two month old baby on my train, I burst into tears. God need to get a grip xx

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