Good news!!!!! Finally!!!!!!


I had another scan today, and everything they hoped for has happened :-D. The gestational sac has grown to 27mm, there is now a yolk sac and a baby! With a heartbeat! Im 6 weeks and 3 days by their measurments, so I now have a due date too! 13th may 2013 :-D so happy, everything feels right this time. Got my 1st midwife appointment next thursday, and another one 2 weeks after that, then hopefully should be about time to have 12 week scan! Waaaahhhhoooooo!!!!!


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3 Replies

  • :) Congratulations , glad youve got good news :) good luck with everything , keep me updated :) , let me know how your 12 week scan goes :D xx

    Ive got 3 more months to go :), and am due 18th december :) now cant wait to meet my daughter :) pregnancy is exciting :D x Rx

  • Great news!!

  • Congratulations! Well done you two, keep it up, :)

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