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Nearly 27 weeks and not able to sleep at night at all!

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Hi all :) Im pregnant with my first ,

and im just wondering if anyone else is experiencing what I am ,

i literally get about 2/3 hours sleep every night, and keep constantly having to get to to go to the toilet ( 2-3 times an hour)

Usually end up sleeping till about 11/ 12 each day now , due to the lack of sleep?

Any ideas on how to get more sleep would be extremely appreciated :)



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Hi Raogbole,

Firstly - congratulations on your first pregnancy! What an exciting time.

It's quite common to experience difficulty sleeping around 27 weeks, in fact we cover it in our week-by-week guide to pregnancy along with a few tips to try and ease the discomfort:

I hope this helps a bit - best wishes!

Alice x

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Hi Alice :)

Thanks for your congratulations ,

and for the advice given , it is useful :)

R x

Have you doubled checked you havent got a water infection as that sounds like a lot of weeing. I had this with my second child and by the time he came along I was shattered!! I basically napped in the day and found the sofa far more comfy than my bed. If I fell asleep I just stayed where I was, lounge or bedroom!! I hope it improves for you. :) x

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raogbole in reply to Rachelhaley

Hi Rachelhaley , ive already had a uti once , and am waiting for my next midwife appointment ( in one week) to discuss this with my midwife :) , I literally end up napping most of the time too , or at least lying down , thanks :) good luck with everything too :) x

I found that cutting back on drinks in the evening helped the loo trips (and found that anything fizzy was worse than herbal tea or plain water). It may just be that your baby is sitting in exactly the wrong spot at the moment, in which case, here's hoping that an internal shuffle will resolve things sooner than later! Just a word of warning - if you're cutting back on liquids in the evening, best make sure you've had sufficient through the day, otherwise you'll wake thirsty - catch 22!!

When I'm awake overnight, I tend to be Wide Awake. I found that I'm better off getting up and responding to an email or putting on a documentary with a quiet monotone voice, or even reading a book for 20 minutes. Then a last minute trip to the loo, then back to bed to try again.

I am sleeping much better hugging a long pillow as well - seems to reduce some of the discomforts. Doesn't make them go away altogether, and I still get up with sore hips / legs, but it seems to wake me less.

With my first pregnancy, I found the most boring thing I could on overnight telly, chucked a throw over me, and passed out right there on the couch within minutes. The background noise might help? Would have driven my light-sleeping husband nuts it I'd tried that in the bedroom!

Hope any of the above helps. If it's any consolation, I hit 28-29 weeks and found sheer exhaustion giving me one out of about 3 solid night's sleep (ie, pass out early, not even aware of husband getting into bed, and still out at 7am!). Sheer bliss ... I wish that for you with all my tired little heart :)

R x

Hi rhm2012 :)

Thanks for the advice, will be trying the cutting back on liquids tonight , and the hugging the pillow

Will keep you posted on how things go :)

R x

Amazingly had a reasonably good nights sleep last night! the pillow thing really helps :)

( thanks rmh2012) Also, did make sure I wasnt drinking after 6 , and that helped a lot , still feel shattered though , guess I just need time to catch up on my sleep :)

Few days of catch up and you'll be right. Then the bubba will find a way to up the anti, and you'll be shattered again. Comes and goes the rest of the way (very sorry to say!) :)

Glad the pillow helped!!

R x

Hey :) yep I should be fine , in a way I see all this as practice for when the baby arrives :)

good luck with everything :)

R x

Agreed - it's all training to have short naps through night and day, more wakeful overnight when feeds trigger hormones to boost milk production, more sleepy through the day. Still, the occasional night's sleep is absolutely divine, and should be enjoyed while it's still possible!! :)

R x

I agree with Rachelhaley you should check for a water infection as that's something that needs treating. If like me though, it's just excitement. I sometimes wake up infront of the telly with a crick in my neck and then drag my self to bed and when I get there find I'm wide awake again. I get around it by going for a walk, doing some stretches, massaging my legs and putting on an audiobook or something from radio 4's iplayer like A Book At Bedtime. I'm going to check out these tips in the NCT guide too though.

hey Katie :) thanks for the advice , am going to discuss everything I need to with my midwife when i see her , :) ( including the water infection thing, because Ive had a uti in this pregnancy already) last night I didnt get much sleep, due to neighbours blaring out loud tv / clubbing music all night ( literally), my husband snoring next to me , and thoughts running through my head constantly :s , feel absolutely drained now , and am going to try to go to bed earlier tonight (8pm) - will probably try reading before bedtime too , or something relaxing :)

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