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Scared and excited

This week, due to a very long cycle is a milestone for me, my second period is due this week. If I can get passed the 15 th, I've got my first midwife appointment on the seventeenth. I'll be on the first day of week 10 then.

If all goes well ill be able to relax a little bit more. Each day that I wake up with symptoms is an increase of hope.

I did it again, I had to use up the custard in the fridge, so I did a small syrup sponge with it for breakfast this morning. Wrong, half way through my individual pud. Heave ho! Of I go again. I haven't actually puked yet, but have got the message load and clear. Bump does not like sugar.

Still getting weird dreams, but woken by my aching knees and hips, it feels like I diss joint in my sleep, never suffered before bump. Is this normal? On the up side my feet are a little less swollen. I've still been having to turn down invites to party's, It sounds selfish, but I just don't want to dress up, none of my dresses fit, i can't wear heels, and I don't want to end up having to make excuses if people are smoking indoors, and nowhere to sit. I just want to stay safe. Oh I can't wait untill week 12 when I can proudly say no i haven't put on loads of weight I'm pregnant!

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Hey hun :) ,

I hope everything goes well for you,

the morning sickness experience for me was interesting :s lol, everything I ate would come up some days! I was sick 10 times before 1.00 pm once , the aching legs could be leg cramps , which are common in pregnancy , i experience these every night , and also experience the dis jointy feeling too , my knees keep cracking constantly , and get really stiff. Im 26 weeks pregnant with my first now, so have had to constantly change wardrobes and buy bigger sizes as barely anything I had before will fit me now!

Good luck with everything , and keep me updated :)



Yup, with each pregnancy: leg cramps, achy legs, and achy hips. Honestly, I wake up and wonder if someone could have been drilling into my hips without my knowledge. Not great to sleep on your back due to weight on big veins, can't sleep on tummy for obvious reasons, and have to switch sides routinely to relieve pressure on whatever hip is screaming at me.

Definitely normal in my experience!

My latest mini-milestone (having had a missed miscarriage last time) was hitting 28 weeks - so if something goes wrong and the baby is delivered early, survival rates jump to 90-95%. Definitely not wanting the poor wee thing to arrive this early, but nice to have another string in the safety net :)

Good luck with your mini-milestone!

R x


So sorry to hear about your previous misscarage, ive been through one at five weeks, and one at eight weeks, glad your getting on well now. And best wishes to you and your bump, well done for getting past that mini milestone of yours. Thanks:)


I'm excited for you. Four days to go to your appointment and counting, wohoo! You'll love the scan. My first scan was the major turning point for me when it all became real. For ages I was convinced I wasn't pregnant. I always had a long cycle too, and often irregular. Round about the time my period would have been imminent I thought I was feeling period pains that just went on and on for weeks. I think it was psychological.

Then I got the home testing kit, and thought "that can't be right". Then I started having this bizare desire to go down to my Mum's raspberry patch and smell the raspberry bushes, and then in the supermarket a box of tea with a big picture of a raspberry on the front caught my eye, and I had a look at the ingredients and it had a warning against pregnant women taking it in their first trimester. Wierd. So I resisted the urge to take it, in case the testing kit was right. The only craving I've had, and I couldn't drink it!

From the moment of the scan, which marked my entry to the second trimester, I came full circle and have been feeling positive. So glad those twilight days of the first trimester are over. I'm really feeling like this is the most natural state for my body to be in... which actually it probably is!

Also, like you, I can't be bothered with any parties. I was never a party animal anyway, just felt obliged to go, but now my attitude is just "sod that, I've got better things to do with my time".


Aww Thankyou all you guys, im now booked in bloods taken, and waiting for the letter telling me the date of my first scan, eeeep! So excited, will keep you all posted xx


Yay! Congratulations! And here's to future congratulations too! Do keep us posted.


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