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Need Some Opinions

Okay, here it is, my periods are always regular and have been ever since i started, they've always been to the end of the month, however in august 2012 my period never came resulting in me being nearly a week late. I got pregnant 3 years ago and the only time i knew i was pregnant was because i missed a period, might i add that pee tests DO NOT WORK in my family and it took 12 weeks before it came out positive.

Do any of you think i'm pregnant again? all answers and opinions welcome, x

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I think if you wait until the end of september , and then if there is no sign of your period , then you might want to consider doing a pregnancy test. I found out I was approx 7/8 weeks pregnant , march 2012 , although my periods have been irregular before so at first , I didnt really suspect, just had an inkling that I was though. I do suggest waiting another month , unless of course you would really like to know asap , good luck x


I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, as I smoke and do drink regularly so I need to know if I am or not. Have a lot of family do's coming up and they'll suspect something's up if I'm off my drink.. I also don't work in the best of conditions (I work outside) Dead scared going to doctors! Last time I skipped a period I ended up pregnant /; p.s congratulations sweetie x


Ok hope the doctors went well :) , sure everything will be fine , thanks , let me know how it goes xx


She didn't do a pee test cos she knows I'm immune from them so she sent my pee away to the lab! Get my results in A few days. So annoying not knowing. Still no sign of the period xx


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