6 days late, 4 negative tests but still no period? Help!!!!

I was due my period Friday 24th, now its the Thursday 30th and still no period. I tested on Monday night (27th), Tuesday morning (28th), Wednesday evening (29th) and this morning (30th), all negative.

On Monday afternoon I started getting lower back pain like I was going to come on but nothing, then backache and slight abdominal cramp like period pain on/off most of Tuesday and now nothing? I usually dont get period pain until i've actually had a bleed, not like this. Drinks also seem to be going through me quickly and everytime I go to the toilet I have slight discharge but nothing abnormal its just increased a bit. I've also been ready for bed by 9pm everynight, but no breast tenderness??

I was on Aciclovir around the time I should have ovulated so not sure if this may have affected my cycle? I've been to the doctor and she said its probably not pregnancy if i've had negatives and a week late period isn't uncommon - it is for me I range between 28-31 days with most months being spot on the 4 weeks :(

We've been trying for a baby since December and I have heard maybe the HPT's don't always show up straight away but maybe its just wishfull thinking - the doc wasn't forthcoming in suggesting a blood test, I just wondered if anything like this had happened to people and it turned out they were pregnant??


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  • You may have ovulated late this month for what ever reason, and this could have affected the date you then implanted and would get a bfp...if you have not had a period, I would suggest testing every 3 to 5 days...my friends was on cd 64 when she got bfp and she used to be dead on 28 days....it can happen.

  • my period was due the day before yours... take the clear blue digital test.. i did on tuesday and im nearly 6 weeks :) x

  • Woo really?? Congratulations!!!

    I've had a little bit of pinky/brown today when wiping so not sure if period is on its way or implantation bleeding?? Will wait till after the weekend then test again!! Fingers crossed xxx

  • ps thank you :D xxx

  • reading back through your question you sound exactly like me.. and all your symptoms are like mine and i am pregnant.. in my last pregnancy at this stage my boobs were big and sore! but this time nothing... and aciclovir has no affect on your cycle and safe to take during pregnancy and when trying.. i am on that aswell.. but yea CLEAR BLUE DIGITAL TEST :) will answer ecerything.. i really do wish you and your partner the best of luck :D ill be thinking positive for you :) x

  • could possibly be.. but even if you do think you have come on dont be fooled.. im bleeding like a light period but its bright red... doctor just said it was implantation xx

  • Oh I really really hope so!! Good luck with everything and I'll keep you posted :) xxx

  • I was 2 weeks late and did 3 tests..........all negative. Got the clear blue digital test and it said pregnant +3 weeks!! Been to the docs today and he says I'm nearly 7 weeks. Sometimes early pregnancy doesn't show up as the HcG (think that's right) hormaone isn't always released in enough volume to be detected. Apparently you should test your first wee of the morning. I'm still soo excited I can't quite believe it. I hope everything goes well. Good luck!! x

    P.S My symptoms were exactly the same as yours x

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