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Is having a daily stomach ache normal?

This is my first pregnancy, I'm 7 weeks and for the past week and a half I've had a stomach ache everyday. It's usually after I eat something, but even if I don't eat I still feel stomach pains on and off throughout the day. Is this normal? The docs say it's not that unusual, it's probably just pregnancy hormones and my stomach stretching, preparing for the baby. It's very uncomfortable and along with the other symptoms like cramping, nausea, head/back ache it's very hard to handle! Am I worrying too much? Has anyone else experienced this?

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your digestive system slows down a lot in pregnancy and sometimes people can experience ibs type cramps and pains etc...have they doctors said you can take anything for it?? i would say if you still having pains to go back and ask how they can help you be more comfortable..also have you tried eating small meals more often during the day to let your digestion handle food bit by bit


Thanks for the reply. So far they've only suggested I take Gaviscon, I've tried it twice already...not sure it's helping but maybe I need to take it more often. I wasn't eating much at all since I had no appetite, but now that I've gotten my appetite back I still have the pains. I'm seeing my midwide tomorrow, maybe she can give me some suggestions!


Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant have the same. I have booked a docs appointment for next week but if someone can tell me it's normal that would be great. :)


First, I missed my midwide appointment (totally got the time wrong!) so I won't be seeing her until next week.

But now, for the past 3 days I've had green Really green stool. Still having the stomach pains on and off. This morning I called NHS Direct for some advice, they got back to me, asked me loads of questions and said I should go see my GP today. So I got an emergency appointment after work, we'll see what they say...

The NHS Direct line was actually quite helpful, maybe if you want to get some advice before your doc appointment next week, you could give them a call.


I'm having the same pain can you text me back please is this normal this Is my first pregnancy Imy really concerned my appointment is

Not till next week


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