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Im not sure if I'm Pregnant

In my head, I'm sure I'm pregnant.

Me & my partner have been trying for a baby for 6 months, we're both under 30 and healthy.

I can even pin point an exact day when I conceived (even though I've had intercourse countless times since this particular date that stands out & yes this was around the time of ovulation). I've done no end of Google research, literally sat for hours and just typed in question after question about things I'm experiencing and changes in my body - for anyone else who has used Google to self diagnose, you'll know this is the most ridiculous thing to do.

Basically, I think I might be 10 weeks pregnant. I've put on so much weight and my stomach has started to feel hard, even though I've been attending a slimming club & dieting. I feel as if I'm going to menstruate most of the time. I've become incredibly emotional recently, I have a lot of back and stomach and calf cramping. My boobs have got bigger, and I've noticed brown and white spots on my nipples. I'm always tired, but I can't sleep. I've had dizzy spells, funny tastes.. You name the pregnancy symptom & I promise you, I've experienced it. I'm positive I'm pregnant. But I'm not sure if it's all in my head because I've had "periods" still. For the past 2 months (since the aforementioned date) my periods have been very very light and have lasted a day, then stopped for a day, and then I've had another day of light bleeding. This is unusual for me, as usually my periods would last 4 or 5 days and would be quite heavy and consist of blood clots.

I really don't know what is going on with my body, or my mind for that matter. I know the only way to know for sure would be to take a pregnancy test. But Id appreciate any advice, support or help anyone can offer.

Thank you.

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Have you taken a test? At 10 weeks you should have a positive result. I know its emotional trying for a baby but without testing your not going too know. If you are pregnant you need to see a midwife as soon as possible to get your first scan booked. Your right they are symptoms of pregnancy you experiencing. However I don't want to give you false hope as there could be other explinations too. I would suggest you bite the bullet get a test and find out one way or another. If its positive great if its negative keep trying and come back on here for support. I really hope its the outcome you want x


When my husband and I decided to start trying, I started to develop symptoms of pregnancy even though we'd only talked about it and I was still on the pill. I stopped taking the pill mid-cycle, just as a precaution. All the tests came back negative but the pregnancy symptoms continued.

I saw my doctor, who took blood tests which confirmed that I was not pregnant. She suggested that stopping the pill mid-cycle may have messed with my hormone levels. However, my symptoms had started before stopping the pill.

I suspect that the decision to start trying and the subsequent emotions started messing with the hormones well before I came off the pill.

The certainty of the doctor's results helped my mind and emotions to settle, and the symptoms faded.

Definitely take a test. If you're pregnant, great. If you're not, remember that stress is the worst thing for conception! Relax, enjoy your partner's company, have sex regularly, and enjoy the journey.

R x


Why would you have just not taken a pregnancy test??? why wait this long and go thru hours of research of symptoms when simply urinating on a stick would answer your question... Just a thought ;)

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hi i would for your own sanity take a test as i to did go on google constantly and its the worst thing to do( i have just gone through a missed miscarriage and you left a post on my question thanks:) ) your symptoms sound like you could be and it is possible to lightly spot when your period would have been due when pregnant so as soon as you can get to the shops and get a good test so you know once and for all & good luck xx


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