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Your pregnancy week by week

Hi everyone,

With so many of you on this forum seemingly at various weeks of pregnancy, I thought you might like to know about NCT's Pregnancy & Baby email that goes to you free every week and lets you know what is happening in your pregnancy. The emails will continue every few months once your baby is born, too, until he or she is 2 years old! It's a great way to learn more about your baby's growth and development as well as how you can find support when you need it, every step of the way.

To sign up, just visit and sign up using the big yellow box!

Hope this helps :)

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Hi I've had two misscaradges in the past and nowv six weeks pregnant, felling a lot more relaxed this time, so hoping that will help. This site has helped already as I'm not telling family ect yet. Not sure as when to contact the midwife, just happy that I'm not bleeding.


Hi congratz wait until your abt 3 months pregnant thats how long I waited to contact the midwife. Becauz i have also had a miscarriage and i was afraid. 3 Months is okay because then the chance of miscarriage decrease. Good luck n look after urself. remember have pleantly of rest


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