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Could I possibly be pregnant??? (Safe sex once, two periods, negative test, but now - no period)


I had safe (first time) sex once, on the 27th of April, we used a condom. I had a period a week after that and then, on the 29th of May. As I understand, I was not even supposed to be fertile when I had sex, as it was 6 days before my period... The periods were normal, there was nothing special about them. A couple of weeks ago I came back home for the summer from another country where I study, and then went on vacation. My period was supposed to come approximately in the ond of June, but it did not. My periods did used to be irregular - sometimes my cycle lasted 24 days, sometimes - 34. I got nervous that I might be pregnant and did a test, which was negative. I am still waiting for my period, but it is not coming. If I would be pregnant, I would already be more than two months pregnant, but I still have no signs of pregnancy - I have never once been sick, my breasts feel usual, I use the bathroom as much (or, to be honest, as little) as I used to before.

Is there still a possibility that I am pregnant????

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If you've had a normal period, it's unlikely that you are pregnant, and if you had been pregnant that long any pregnancy test would definitely pick it up (around the time your first missed period is due the hormone levels might not be high enough for the test to report as positive, but after a week or so the test would accurately pick up pregnancy hormones).

I'd make an appointment to see your GP, as there may be other reasons for your missed periods.



Yes, I did have a normal period, as I did not notice any changes in the length or the strength of it...


Definitely a trip to the doctor for you :) The doctor will probably do a pregnancy test to rule it out, but will check out other options as well.

All the best



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